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Aug 31, 2016
Cloudy pool water after the monsoons we head here for two straight weeks.
by: David

I shocked it and got the chlorine t high, got that under control. I had a Polaris problem, found both in line filter this am were clogged & torn. Just backwashed and put in new DE powder. chlorinated yesterday. Polaris 280 is doing fine now, I think it will eventually clear up the water. My concern is the ph is low but the alkalinity is OK. What should I use to raise the ph without messing up the alkalinity?

Thank you so very much Robert. You are so kind, helpful and knowledgeable.
I believe you are correct about maybe the grids may have torn when the water pressure got up to the correct level.

My enemy, degenerative arthritis , has now deprived me of the strength and ability to take that DE filter (60") apart and get the port and grids out with all that dirty DE powder in it.
I have a pool guy I utilize whenever I get to something I can’t handle. I am hoping he makes it be here later this afternoon. He just replaced the grids a couple of years ago. I am surprised it tore up again so soon.

Again, thanks for your kindness and help. The Borax did the job also. I just have dirt on the seats, steps, etc. I is worse, I can see it stream through the jets when I turn the pump on. Should I turn it off, or let it circulate?

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