Out Of Balance Water Issues

by Bonnie
(Boycevillie, WI )

I lack patience so before you got back to me I was on internet and chlorine, chlorine it said. So I put 5 gallons in. Yes, I did this, now my reading are as follows:

pH- still 8.4
free chlorine - 10 because thats as far as it goes

If I need to drain water I have well water.
I will now wait for your reply and you said I was close to having it balance. I could just cry. But it is what it is.

Thank you for getting back to me!

Thanks again Bonnie

Before this post, you last readings were these:

pH 8.4 the same
freechlorine 3
alkaklinity now 180
stablizer now 30-50

Haven't added floc.

Pool Water Cloudy & Green & Turned Water Milky White

Now I have the stabilizer (CYA) at 100. What kind of chlorine did you use? Your CYA can't jump from 30 to 100ppm without using a stabilized form of chlorine or a massive amount of chlorine tabs.

As it said the last post, don't put in any more sodium bicarb (pH Up or Alkalinity Up). Add about 1/2 qt. of acid and keep filtering. The proper chemical reading are:

Chlorine 1.5 - 3.5ppm

CYA 30 - 50ppm

pH 7.6 - 7.8

Alkalinity 80 -100

Calcium Hardness 150 - 250

This is why I said that for your 2nd readings you were very close. But lets go from here.

You shocked the pool which is good. Hopefully you added a little pool acid. Retest the chlorine, pH, and alkalinity in the morning.

Keep me posted.


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Pool Clarity

by Randy

I own a chlorine inground pool. I tried using a product called Blue Bayou to give my pool a bluer tint.

After 1 1/2 days I now have an orange tint.

What caused this and how can I correct this problem?

First, I'd like to have your complete chemical readings:

Chlorine, CYA (cyanuric acid/stabilizer), pH, Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, and Metals (iron and copper).
It makes troubleshooting much easier and the process of clearing up your pool will go much faster.

You can get this done at your local pool store. Without these numbers I'm just guessing at what the problem is. I'd encourage you to get a Taylor FAS-DPD K-2006 pool test kit.

Pool Water Testing

Water Testing Kit

The only kind of Blue Buyou that I'm familiar with is Du Cor Blue Buyou. This is for private ponds and lakes, aquariums, or other kinds of ornamental bodies of water. It's not meant for chlorinated swimming pools. The chlorine's bleaching agents can have a negative effect when mixed with the product. Is this the product you used?

I don't have information or access to the MSDS for this particular product. You might be able to reach them here:


Without knowing the chemicals in the product it's hard to say what and how the chlorine played an effect on the pool water.

Get back to me with the chemical numbers if the above Du Cor link can't help.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Comment By Randy:

Product consist of Acid Blue 9 Dye
Pool Chlorine: 6.1ppm
ph: 7.8
Alkalinity: 39ppm
Copper: .29ppm

Comment By Robert

Thanks for the follow up Randy and the chemical readings.

Acid Blue 9 Dye is relatively safe for fish and ponds, but as you know by now it's probably not good for swimming pools because of the chlorine issue. I wouldn't worry too much about possible staining of the pool as it is made to dissipate within a few months on its own.

For your readings, the first thing is the very high CYA. Normal range should be between 30 - 50ppm. The only way to reduce it is to do a partial drain and refill. In your case you will need to do a 70% water change to get the CYA down to 30 - 50ppm.

The CYA/chlorine relationship is very important. If the CYA is too high or low it renders the chlorine ineffective. Your chlorine is also up a bit too high. For regular maintenance it should be between 1.5 - 3.5ppm.

For every 10ppm of chlorine added with Dichlor, you'll raise the CYA by 9ppm. For every 10ppm of chlorine added with Trichlor tabs you'll raise the CYA by 6ppm.

The pool chlorine is 7.5% of your CYA and that level is 30 - 50ppm.

The alkalinity is too low as well. It should be between 80 - 100ppm, 120 being the top. The pH is fine now but might need to be adjusted once the water is changed out.

Start with the water change. This will obviously reduce the amount of the blue dye and help get your pool back to normal. You'll need to balance the chemicals out again once the new water goes in.

Hope this helps and let me know how it turns out for you.


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Putting Chemicals In When Filter Is Down

by Polly

My filter is down until I can get a new lateral--maybe a day or so. I need to put in @ 12 pounds of shock to get my total chlorine down.

Can I sprinkle it in without the filter working?

Thanks for the question Polly

Yes you can put chlorine in the pool, but it's important to sweep the bottom and sides very well. Without circulation the chlorine will sink right to the bottom and possibly stain.

Be sure to put in only as much as you need. You can always add more later on. It's better to incrementally dose the pool than to put everything in at once.

If you need immediate assistance (within 24 hrs) or for emergency personal assistance, you can make a donation of your choice and I'll answer your questions by phone.

Contact Me


Hope this helps and have a great Summer.


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Put the Wrong Chemical In The Pool By Mistake

by Kathleen

We were opening our above the 18 ft. round ground pool & it was ready for us to put in the chlorine extender.

By mistake (the containers were similar and it was dark) my 21 yr. old daughter put in Cabot brand- House and Deck Problem-Solver Wood Brightner 1 quart!

Ingredients are-


Oxalic Acid

Amine light stabilizer

BIS (1,2,2,6,6-Pentamethyl 4-Piperidinyl) Sebacate

Dimenthyl Sebacatr

I have tried to call the Cabot Company, my 3 local pool stores and poison control with out success.

I really don't want to drain the pool, bit I really am at a loss.

Thanks for the question Kathleen

The oxalic acid will probably sequester the metal in the pool. This will probably get caught in the filter to be back washed out.

It may also be eaten up by the chlorine. I would suggest bumping up your chlorine a couple ppm for a few days and allow that do its job.

The foreign chemicals might play a little bit on your chlorine level, but for a pool that size, and only 1 qt. added, it shouldn't make too much of a difference.

The Dimenthyl Sebacate probably will just sink to the bottom, or it may get caught in the filter.

You can try to vacuum it up if you can.

I would increase the chlorine level a bit and allow for 1 full turnover of the water, normally about 8 hours.

Turn the system off and allow to sit for a few hours, then turn it back on, back wash, vacuum, then back wash again.

You should be good to go after that.

Hope this helps and good luck with your pool.


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New Pool Owner

by Amber
(Shakopee, mn)

I recently bought an inexpensive abouve ground temporary pool. We have almost filled it. It is 18x43". I can liad tablets in my filter or put them in the floater. Can I use the 3" tablets in the floater? How many should I put in there? Should I put it in while it is filling? Is it better to put it in the filter? How often and how long do I run the filter daily?

Thanks for the question Amber

I'll be more than happy to answer your questions. They're very straight forward, however, pool ownership and maintenance is much more than the questions here. My entire site is about pool maintenance, troubleshooting, and the what and when to do it. It would be an enormous undertaking to go through everything you need to know about this topic.

But to answer your specific questions:

You should use a tab float and don't put tabs in the skimmer. Tab floats are designed for tabs. You can use 3" tabs if the float will allow. For your size pool you can start with a couple of tabs and see how much they've dissolved in 3 - 4 days, then adjust from there. You can put the tab float full of tabs when the water is filling. You'll run the pump motor 4 - 6 hours in the Winter (if you don't close the pool) and 12 hours in the Summer. You want enough time to filter all of the pool water at least once per day.

Once again, there's much more to balancing and maintaining a pool than tabs and chlorine. There's the filter and how to take care of it. Then there are the other chemicals; pH, alkalinity, hardness, and CYA. What products to look for and what to avoid. You can buy products to balance your pool at your local grocery store. How to know when the pool store employee knows what he's talking about, and when he doesn't.

My site has nearly 1500 pages dedicated to these questions, and more. It's time prohibitive to write down everything it takes to maintain a pool. It's not difficult but there's many little things and variables to consider. You pool and situation is unique. I don't have info. on its usage, full or partial sun, etc...

What I can do is give new pool owners a 1 hour personal phone consult plus all 3 of my eBooks for $27. This way you can have all of the info. you need without running around and spending hours on the internet searching for answers. I'd encourage you to watch my videos on YouTube and on my site. Everything on my site is PayPal secure. I never give, sell, or farm out anybody's info. I respect your privacy.

If this is something that you could use then we can start immediately. I have no products or chemicals to sell you.

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

If you feel your situation is more complex than this, I do phone consultations. It makes things go much faster and many people have found it extremely

beneficial, saving them time and money in the long run. All your questions will be answered. I have nothing to sell you so you know I'm not bias.

Pool Consultation

Clear Blue Pool eBook

How To Clear Up A Green Pool eBook

Swimming Pool Resources

Hope this helps and have a great Summer.


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