Pebble Tec Pool Start Up

by Matt

I finally bit the bullet to have my pool refinished. They're going to sandblast, prep coat, and apply charcoal grey pebbletec over the original traditional white plaster. When they leave, the pool will be refilling w my garden hose.

Are there special steps I need to take in treating and balancing a completely new batch of water in this scenario, or just use my test kit and handle as routine?

Obviously I will need to chlorinate immediately. Is it best to toss in a gallon of liquid as it fills, or wait for it to be completely full first, and check Ph Etc before adding anything?

They said the new finish leaches some (alkalinity, I believe) over the course of the first week or so

Guessing I need to run long filtration hours too?

Hi Matt. Congratulations on your pool. Grey pebbletec is awesome. I took care of a GPT pool in AZ for a guy who played for the AZ Diamondbacks. He lived in Mesa. About 75k gallons with a massive 3 tier stone waterfall. I had other GPT pools but that one stands out in my memory. Pebbletec has come a long way since I had my pool route.

Concerning what I say, you always want to go on what the installer says due to warranty issues.

That being said, the pH and/or TA will rise for a month or so due any carbonate precipitating out and into the water. This is normal so have a few gallons of muriatic acid on hand.

I would run the filter 24/7 as you start balancing the water. The Green Water eBook is a good resource for that. Remember, get the filtration system perfect, then test and add chemicals. There's no need to shock or increase the FC up to 12 -
15 ppm as you don't have any algae. It's also not good for the finish as that will continue to cure for a month, maybe longer.

The tests determine the adjustments you make. There's no CYA so use either liquid or granular, run the filter, then test again and make another adjustment if needed. Once you hit 30 ppm you can stop adding it in. You're in the right range.

The other readings are very easy to adjust. Add acid as the pH or TA rise. And make sure the CH is in range.

Ask who is responsible for the start up. Is it you, or someone else? What are they doing and why?

Once the start up is complete, the surface has cured and the water is balanced, maintaining it will be easy. Consistent effort will give you a perfect pool.


Thanx, Robert.

I’ll pull my filter cartridges this weekend and clean them so they’re ready and optimally effective.

After our previous call and emails, I followed your suggestion and gradually phased over from powdered calcium hypochlorite to liquid sodium. I found that the wholesaler out here who supplies the pool route pros will sell to the public, so I set up an account. Tell your eco wife that they have a small deposit/exchange program on bottles and totes, so I’m not filling the landfill. J

The construction scope of work ends when they turn on the water pipe to start refilling my newly refinished pool. It’s up to me to shut off the water when full, purge the lines, run the filter, and balance the water.

Should I bother taking a water test sample immediately, or perhaps give it a full 24hrs filtration first, assuming all the particle contamination would throw off the water chemistry, making an accurate reading unlikely?

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Pool chemicals start up skip a day

by Luka

I was just wondering if it would be bad to skip one day at the pool start up regarding chemicals? We're on day 2 (tomorrow day 3) and a pipe broke near the chlorinator so we had to shut the motor off to avoid massive leakage. We'll have it repaired in 2 days, so would it be a problem if we just continued then where we left off?

Thank you in advance!

Hi Luka. Yes, it would be ok to let your pool sit for a couple of days. I wouldn't put any more chemicals in the pool. Algae grows very quickly so unless you're able to maintain a good level and filter, it will continue to grow. Get the repairs completed and resume your normal opening procedures.

Have a great Summer.


Thank you Robert, for your prompt reply. This is good news then, as I was hoping to not have to drain the pool only to have it filled up again and starting over with chemicals. We'll get repairs done on Monday first thing in the morning and then proceed as planned.

Thanks again and all the best!

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