Plastic 3-Step Pool Ladder?

by Sally

I have an indoor, sunken, salt water pool. Over the 6 years it has been installed, 2 stainless steel ladders have badly rusted and had to be replaced and have trouble cleaning my pool cleaning and maintenance. Wondering about pool cleaning service.

Is there a plastic/fibreglass alternative on the market and if so, where could I buy one? I want to keep my swimming pools clean and I don't want it to hurt my swimming pool plumbing, salt water pool or chlorine. Looking into pool repair and maintenance of a pool.

Thank you.

Thanks for the question Sally

Yes it's true that a saltwater pool will tend to eat up decorative rocks and metals faster than regular chlorine pools. That's one of the drawbacks to having a salt pool.

There are many plastic ladders and steps but being you're in the UK it's difficult to say where you can get one. Most pool stores do have them, and you can also purchase them online. Bizrate and Amazon do carry them but I'm not sure if they ship overseas. Confer makes very good plastic steps and ladders.

Hope this helps and have a great Summer.


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Which Is Better, Fiberglass Or Plastic Pool Ladder?

by Devon

I need to buy steps for my drop in ladder for my inground pool. I see many different types, that being plastic, fiberglass and stainless steel. In a nutshell of good, better, best I am sure that stainless rates as the best but which is better; fiberglass or plastic?

I got 5 years out of my plastic steps and they all cracked last season. I do remove them for the winter.

Thanks for the question Devon

You're right in that stainless steel is the best. I had a route of about 50 pools in Arizona (they don't close the pools in the Phoenix area) and most of my customers had stainless steel ladders.

Through personal experience I've noticed that fiberglass steps and ladders seem to crack a bit more than plastic. This can cause the swimmer to slice or cut a foot open. The cracks and chips could also be because of pool chemistry or just quality and workmanship.

5 years for a plastic ladder and the right pool chemistry is good. But I've noticed with plastic steps they tend to become hazed and a bit yellow from the chemicals and sun. Either of them would work for most pool owners, but if I had to choose a set for my pool, it would probably be plastic.

Hope this helps and have a fun and safe Summer.


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Pool Steps Metal Handrail Broke Into Two Pieces

by Tom
(Cliffwood Beach, NJ)

I have a set of pool steps (plastic) with metal (galvanized) hand rails in my above groud pool.

One of the rails broke off where it goes into a hole in the top step. The rails are secured to the steps by screws. Can I find a replacement for the broken handrail anywhere? I would hate to have to replace the steps.

Thanks for the question Tom

Most of the time above ground steps and ladders are sold as a complete set. You can call the manufacturer of the steps to see if you can buy a set of rails directly from them, or they can give you a local business or website that could.

Without knowing the make and model of your steps it's a bit difficult to determine if you can buy them directly from the manufacturer. Check with the manufacturer and the links above to see if you can get a set of rails. Like you said, you don't want to buy an entire new set when only part is broken.

Hope this helps and have a great Summer.


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