Pool Algaecide Turned Water A Clear Emerald Green...Now What?

by Tina
(Senatobia, MS)

I messed up....I tried to go the cheap route...I am ready to close my pool. I added the shock and had my levels good and decided to add algaecide as a preventative for the winter months.

Since the pool store was closed I just ran to Walmart. I added the algaecide and now I can't close the pool because my water is green.

It is clear, green. What do I do to fix it?

24' round 4'deep sand filtered.

Thanks for the question Tina

More than likely this is caused by metals in the pool, and not algae. That's assuming your chemical readings were fine all Summer long and were taken properly.

In general, when you have pool algae the water is usually dull or cloudy in addition to green. If the water is a clear green, it's usually metals. If you add a hypochlorite source of chlorine to the water or raise the pH and it turns green, that's usually a sign of metals in the water.

The algaecide you used probably had copper in it and the high chlorine or pH levels made it turn a clear emerald green. Lower the pH using muriatic acid.

This should cause the water to fade to confirm that there's metal in the water. Add a metal sequestrant.

Metal in the water, mainly copper and iron, might turn the water green after adding chlorine.

A good product
is called Pool Plus Pool Maintenance. This is from PoolLife chemicals and might be available at your local pool store.

Be sure to add algaecide and chlorine on separate days. The two mixed together can cause a reaction in your water turning it green again.

Hope this helps and good luck closing your pool for the Winter


New Question

By: Emily
Date: May 18, 2011


Saltwater Swimming Pool Turned A Clear Emerald Green

I just got a saltwater pool and it was clear but now it's a clear green.

What do I do?

Thanks for the question Emily

The short of it is a solid green color normally means pool algae while a clear emerald green is metal in the water after chlorinating.

You can take a sample of your pool water to you local pool store and they can run a simple test for metals (copper and iron) as well as total dissolved solids (TDS).

Whether it's a salt water pool or normal chlorine pool, you'll treat it the same way. Just be sure if you're going to shock the pool that you turn off your chlorinating salt cell.

You can also check out all the information on the pool Q&A page:

Swimming Pool Questions and Answers

Lots of good posts for salt water pools and how to clear up algae.

Hope this helps and have a great and safe swimming season.


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2 Bottles Of Pool Rx & 1 Clarifier & Still Have Green Powdery Stuff!

by Candy
(Turlock, CA)

I have a sand filter 2 years old. I turned it to waste and of course the water starts to drain. I am worried about the pump sounds.

Is it ok to do this?

Thanks for the question Candy

I'd like to have your complete chemical readings:

Chlorine, CYA (cyanuric acid/stabilizer), pH, Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, and Metals (iron and copper).
It makes troubleshooting much easier and the process of clearing up your pool will go much faster.

You can get this done at your local pool store.

I'd encourage you to get a Taylor FAS-DPD K-2006 pool test kit.

Pool Water Testing

Water Testing Kit

Without these numbers I'm just guessing at what the problem is.

Get back to me with the chemical numbers and I'm sure I can help. The sound you hear might be the pump motor running dry, or low with water. When you vacuum to WASTE the water drains from the pool. If the water level gets below the skimmer the system will draw in air.

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.


Comment By Candy:

I have been to Leslie's twice this week and both times I had perfect numbers. I was just wondering how you are supposed to use the "Waste" cycle.

I could not keep up with the water loss, thus my noise. Didn't know if that was normal for that cycle.

Thank you for any ideas!

Comment By Robert

You can use the WASTE cycle to either vacuum or drain the pool. Vacuuming to WASTE means you're bypassing the filter and the dirty water either goes into the sewer or out of the back wash hose. Draining the pool on WASTE does the same thing.

Before you vacuum to WASTE you'll need to fill up the pool a bit more, maybe up to the top of the skimmer. This way you'll have some reserve water because it will drain the pool, as you know. You also get much more suction when on WASTE.

As was stated in the other email, don't allow the water to get below the skimmer. I am wondering if this was your only concern, why did the question ask about putting clarifier in the pool and still having green powdery stuff?

Hope this answers your question.


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Do I Need Pool Clarifiers?

by Vince
(Yuma, AZ)

I've been following your suggested steps to lower my pool alkalinity (currently around 140) but SLOWLY dropping.

While waiting for the TA to drop, would adding one of the off the shelf water clarifiers help clear up the cloudiness that still exists in the deep end?

All of my other readings are within range and I was just hoping to help the appeal process. My gut instincts tell me that these clarifiers are just a tease. Thanks in advance for any advice.

Thanks for the question Vince

When your gut tells you something, 99.9% of the time it's right. Here's a recent post from someone who was venting a little bit:

Do You Really Need All These Chemicals For A Pool Or Are They Just Trying To Get Your Money?

You can help keep your pool clean, clear, and well balanced with some items from the grocery store. Sometimes it's called BBB.




Bleach to sanitize. Bicarb to raise both the pH and alkalinity. And Borax to raise just the pH. Very inexpensive and convenient.

Be sure your chlorine is between 2 - 4ppm and keep filtering and back washing. There could be a hundred reasons for a cloudy pool:

Cloudy Pool Water

There's many answered questions about cloudy pool water on the Q&A page as well:

Swimming Pool Questions and Answers

If you want to comment or follow up, this is the page that you can find your question in the "Cloudy, Milky, Discolored Pool Water" category.

A shock might be in order as well. Keep filtering 24/7 for a few days to see if the cloudiness doesn't go away first. If you need to shock, here's the chlorine pages with charts:

Swimming Pool Chlorine

Pool Shock

Pool Chlorine

Chlorine Tablets

Pool Chlorine Tablets

Pool Shock

I'm just not a big fan of putting any chemicals in the pool that it doesn't need. Not only is it a waste of money, but it's not good for the water. Hope this helps and good luck with your pool.


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