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Pool Care Products You Need & Nothing You Don't. Each Item Has Been Carefully Selected By Me To Ensure Its Effectiveness & High Quality. You'll Get Professional Results In 1/2 The Time!!

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Get the best results just like a real pool guy.

No test strips. No phosphate removers. No clarifiers. Just real pool stuff you need.

Taylor Test Kits

Reagent Refills

Chlorine R-0871 & R-0870 

Combined Chlorine R-0003

pH Tester R-0004

Total Alkalinity R-0007 

Total Alkalinity R-0008

Total Alkalinity R-0009

Calcium Hardness R-0010

Calcium Hardness R-0011L

Calcium Hardness R-0012

Pool Chlorine Tablets

Chlorine Tab Feeder

Calcium Hypochlorite

Stabilized Chlorine

Conditioner/Stabilizer/CYA/Cyanuric Acid

PolyQuat 60 Algaecide

pH and Alkalinity Reducer (Dry Acid/Sodium Bisulfate)

Total Alkalinity Increaser/Baking Soda

pH Increaser/Soda Ash

Arm & Hammer Washing Soda

20 Mule Team Borax

Hardness Increaser (Calcium Chloride)

Pool Cleaning Accessories

Wide Mouth Leaf Rake

Telescopic Pool Poles

Pool Vacuum Heads

Pool Care Video Tutorials

Taylor K-2006 Kit vs. OTO Yellow Kit

Basic 4-Way Test Kit Walk-Thru

Test Your Chlorine

FC - TC - CC?

Liquid Pool Chlorine & Bleach Compared 

How To Test Your Pool pH Level

How To Test Your Alkalinity

How To Raise Your Alkalinity

How To Test Your Calcium Hardness

Watch As I Clear Up This Green Above Ground Pool

Guaranteed Fastest Way To Sweep & Vacuum Your Pool

How To Clear Up A Cloudy Pool

How To Prime A Swimming Pool Pump

Intermatic Pool Timer Tips & Walk - Thru 

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