How To Add Swimming Pool Chlorine Tablets To Your Pool

The importance of pool chlorine tablets is essential to having a crystal clear pool. Water can be test with a pool test kit or pool test strips.

Pool Chlorine Tablets

Swimming pool chlorine tablets are here to keep your pool safe, crystal clear, and clean. By using your tab float or feeder you can be sure your pool is getting the chlorine it needs.  If you have an outside pool you're probably going to need pool tabs in the near future.

They work great as a regular pool chlorinator.  Remember the are considered a chemical so chlorine safety is a must.  Always be sure to read the manufacturer's instructions and handle all pool chemicals with care.

Chlorine tabs are meant to dispense 1 ppm Free Chlorine per day so your chlorine doesn't bottom out.  It gives you a little more time until you can manually add your chlorine.

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How To Use Pool Chlorine Tablets

Your first step is to calculate your pool's water volume. For a: 

  • Rectangle pool - L x W x D x 7.5. The length is multiplied by the width and that number is multiplied by the average depth. After you have these calculations you then convert the volume into gallons by multiplying the final number by 7.5.
  • Circular or oval pool - C x D x 5.9. C is the circumference. Take the circumference number and multiply that by the average depth. Then take that number and multiply by 5.9 which will give you the water volume of the pool.
  • Next Step

  • The two sizes 1" and 3" tabs. If you have a very small pool the 1" will probably work. The floater should usually hold 2 - 3 tabs and since some will dissolve faster than others you'll need to replace them more frequently.

Tab Feeder Or Tab Float: Which One To Use

Chlorine Tablet Dispenser

Your dispenser will be floating in your pool releasing the chlorine and acid your pool needs.

Swimming Pool Chlorine Tablets

Simply unscrew the top of the floater and place the chlorine tablets inside, screw the top back on and throw it back into the pool.  Be sure the holes on the bottom of the dispenser are open all the way to allow for better circulation of the swimming pool water.  You can also purchase the many varieties of swimming pool chemical feeders.  You place the tabs in the cylinder and use the dial to adjust just how much and how often you want you pool to be chlorinated.

This one is great for those pool owners who like to take longer vacations and don't want to worry about their chlorine tablets running out too soon. Please don't just throw them into the pool and allow them to sink to the bottom.

Not only will you not get the full use of the tabs but you may end up ruining your vinyl liner and cause swimming pool stains. 

Chlorine Tab Feeder 

Basically all you need to do is replace them when they run out.  It's  also good to have the proper pool water testing kit like the Taylor K-2006.  Swimming pool chlorine should be between 2 - 4 ppm and your CYA between 30 - 50 ppm.  By keeping an eye on your cyanuric acid level, your sanitizer will do its job properly and you may not need any extra swimming pool chemicals. 

How To Use A Pool Chlorine Tablet Feeder

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Benefits Of Swimming Pool Chlorine Tablets

  • Makes swimming pool care easier
  • Relative safety
  • Stable form of chlorine
  • Inexpensive
  • Will not increase calcium hardness as does Calcium Hypochlorite
  • In water with a high pool pH level these chlorine tablets can help bring the pH level down a bit
  • Can be used in a chlorine tablet pool chlorinator system

Negatives Of Swimming Pool Chlorine Tablets

  • Must be added directly into the floater or swimming pool chemical feeder
  • Must be stored away from children, pets, and heat
  • CYA will continue to rise so you may need to do a partial drain and re-fill of the pool water
  • May cause staining if left on the bottom of the pool or a good blast of acid if placed in the skimmer
  • Not suitable for a pool shock
  • Some swimming pool owners may not like a device floating around their pool all the time

Use your tabs on a regular basis, test the water with a good pool water test kit and have the pool perfect for you. 

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