Pool Water Circulation Problem

by Jose
(Baton Rouge, LA)

A close firend asked for my advice as I have a pool.. Her water coming in from the pool into her sand filter is going straight into the sewer and her sand filter shows no pressure, in other words there is no filtration and the water is going from the pool to the sewer.

She has her port valve set on the right position to circulate and filter her water so I cannot figure the problem out.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for the question Jose

I will first direct you to some similar posts:

Little To No psi

This one talks about the spider gasket and gives a good picture:

Water Coming Out Backwash Hose During Filtration

Many times when there's a filter or water issue such as yours, I will tell pool owners to first check the Multiport valve and spider gasket. Also be sure that the valve "clicks" into place. If there's no click the valve could be bad.

The Multiport valve is important because it directs the way the water should go. If the inside of the valve is bad or the gasket is broken, not seated well, pinched, or missing, it might cause the issues you described.

Check the valve and if that's not it email back with what you did and found.

Hope this helps and have a great Summer.


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Best Filter For Hayward Super Pump

by Al

Last summer I got a new Hayward super pump (1 horsepower, model SP2607X10). I have an old American Products Titan CM filter (24 sq ft, 8 grids). It is a DE filter.

From what I have read, the filter is made for a 3/4 horsepower pump. I notice my pool doesn't get very clean and the filter needs constant backwashing (although the backwashed water doesn't look very dirty).

The grids are new. Is it possible that I need a filter that can handle a 1 horsepower pump? I'm afraid the pump is so strong that the filter is not catching debris like it should.

Thanks for any info you can provide.

Thanks for the question Al

Honestly, there's more to choosing a pump size for a pool other than horsepower. It can get a bit confusing, but another component is flow rate or head rate.

There are low head pumps for aboveground pools and medium to high head pumps for inground pools. The "head" refers to the flowrate which can be measured in gallons per minute or GPM.

Above ground systems and smaller pool, around 10,000 gallons can use low head pumps like a Maxim or Dynamo. Power-Flo is also a good choice.

For larger pools, 10,000 - 20,000 gallons can use medium head pumps. Pinnacle and Superpump are good.

Over 20,000 gallons and you're looking at high head pumps like Sta-Rite or Super II.

Here's a good read about that:

Inground Pump For Above Ground Pool?

A little bigger filter is normally good, but not so much for the pool pump. With a DE filter, a larger pump motor can tear the grids. The water needs to moving nicely through the system. I had many customers in Arizona that were talked into a larger HP pump motor. They got this whirlpool effect that moved the dirt so fast that it kept clouding up.

If the filter is made for a 3/4 HP motor, that's the one you should use, in my opinion. Remember that bigger is not always better, especially with pump motors.

To post a reply, or if you have a similar question, you can see your post on the Q&A page in the "Pool Pump Problems" category.

Check back to this post for updates or answers.

If you need immediate assistance (within 24 hrs) or for emergency personal assistance, you can make a donation of your choice and I'll answer your questions by phone.

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Hope this helps and have a great Summer.


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What To Do With Waste Port On Filter

by Charlie

I just bought a new sand filter and the manual doesn't say what to put into the waste port.

Does it get capped or install a operating valve to open or close?

Thanks for the question Charlie

I think I know what you're talking about, but I'll go both routes to cover all of the bases.

The Multi-Port Valve (MPV) has several settings on it, one of which it "WASTE". This is when you want to drain the pool, or after a heavy windstorm when you have alot of debris in the pool and don't want to clog the filter up. You can vacuum to WASTE and bypass the filter all together.

The next, and this is what I think you mean, is the waste port for backwashing. When the MPV is in FILTER mode it automatically closes off the waste (backwashing) port.

To the best of my knowledge you don't need to cap it or have another valve attached to it. You can install a backwash hose and keep it rolled up. When you need to backwash, simply unroll the hose and backwash until the water runs clear, about 1 - 2 minutes.

If this is not the answer you were looking for, you can email back with the make and model of your sand filter. I can narrow it down better from there.

Hope this helps and good luck with your filter.


Comment By Charlie

Thank you sir you hit the answer right on the head about the waste and backwash.

Thanks again


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Company Installed Wrong Pool Filter

by Hbc

My pool was installed 10 months ago and just started turning green. All pool chemical readings were coming out fine, so I thought it may be time to clean my filter carts.

I attemted to do so with the instructions I recieved from pool company that built it. I was having problems doing so because the diagram on paper looked nothing like my filter.

I went to their office and had someone come out to show me how to do it. Turns out they had accidently installed a DE filter in stead of the clean and clear that I was suppssed to have.

Problem and concerns that I have...Plumbing wasn't set up for backwashing. I have been using chlorine all this time and I have a heat pump, nature one purifer and a cooler all hooked up that goes though filter. Is the rest of my equipment/pool going to be compromised in the long term because of their mistake?

They immediatly replaced it with a new correct filter for my set up as soon as they realized the mistake they had made. Now I am worried about my other equipment. Should that all be checked/ changed too?

Also, my energy bill has been abnormally high the past 3 months with no changes on my end. Could this have had something to do with it?

Any advice or opinions are greatly appreciated.


Thank you for the question

I will assume that the carts. you're talking about are cartridge filters for a clean and clear system by Pentair. Good filter system by the way.

You have a pool cartridge filter system so no backwashing is needed. That's the beauty of cartridges.

All system run basically the same way; the water comes in through the lines, goes into the filter, and goes out as clean water. I would say that if the system was originally plumbed for a cartridge filter and that's what you have, then there shouldn't be any worries.

I would certainly go to the company that installed the new filter and talk to them about my concerns.

As for the heater, if it is plumbed correctly, there shouldn't be any worries, but again, I would go to the company and share my concerns.

In all my years of experience I've never come across a heater breaking down from changing a DE filter to a cartridge filter. I'm not saying it can't happen, but I've never witnessed it.

Hope this helps and good luck with your pool


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How I know If I Put The Filter And The Right Place
by: Patty

I took my filter out and now I don't know wish one go to the right or left (master span).

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