What Is A Swimming Pool Conditioner & Stabilizer?

by Laura

Could you tell me what does conditioner and stabilizer do for your pool? I have an in-ground pool and the pool has brown algae. I just wonder if the pool company sold me way too many products. I spent over $100.00.

What do I really need to clean up the algae and get that blue color in my pool again?

Thanks for the question Laura

Conditioner and stabilizer are basically the same thing. In pool terms, it's called cyanuric acid, or CYA. It stabilizes the chlorine in the pool and makes it less susceptible to the suns UV rays.

This means the chlorine works better and a little longer.

The sun and heat will eat up chlorine if you don't have the proper amount of CYA in the pool.

Get a Taylor FAS-DPD K-2006 pool test kit. It's the best one and will give you the most accurate reading.

Water Testing Kit

The question doesn't say what the pool store sold you, but what you need is chlorine for a sanitizer, baking soda to raise the pH and alkalinity, and muriatic acid to lower them.

Calcium to raise the hardness. Keep this between 150 - 250ppm.

Algaecides are only good for preventative maintenance, not to get rid of algae. If you have all of your chemical readings in line, but still have a problem with brown algae, you can use an algaecide.

Be sure to get a PolyQuat 60 algaecide specifically designed for brown algae. No metals or copper should be in it.

Take a sample of pool water into the store and have them test for chlorine, CYA, pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness.

You can get all the correct ranges here:

Pool Tips

If your CYA is low you can shock your pool with Dichlor.

This is a fast acting chlorine that has CYA in it. Be careful as the CYA can get out of hand quickly. Use Trichlor chlorine tabs to keep a constant flow of chlorine in the pool. Use a tab floater. Never put chlorine tablets in the skimmer.

Keep the filtration running 24/7 as you get rid of the algae and remember to backwash everyday with a sand or DE filter. For a cartridge filter, change them out or clean them once per day.

Take this information to your pool store. You can email me back with their comments.

Hope this helps and have a fun and safe swimming season.


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Jul 07, 2016
Reduce Stabilzer
by: Anonymous

How can you get your stabilizer down without emptying your pool water. I am already using liquid chlorine, but that does seem to be working. The stabilizer is very high.

Over-use of stabilized chlorine and tabs will cause the CYA to dramatically increase. Unfortunately, partial drain and refill is the most effective way to reduce it. Some places do off reverse osmosis for pools. This effectively lowers the CYA. There are no other cost effective ways to decrease the CYA.


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Adding Liquid Muriatic Acid To An Above Ground Pool...

by Jon Joiner
(Dothan, Alabama )

I am just starting an above the ground pool approx. 6000 gallons.

How much liquid muriatic acid do I add initially.

It is a salt water system?

Thanks for the question Jon

Muriatic acid is used to decrease both your pH and alkalinity.

It really depends on which one you're trying to decrease and what the readings are.

If you can email back with the readings I could help.

But not knowing that, it's difficult to say how much you need.

Just let me know what the current readings are and I'm sure I can help. Or you can check out the alkalinity, pH, and muriatic pages:

Muriatic Acid

Swimming Pool pH Levels

Pool Alkalinity

The above links have charts to help you.

All the links to all the chemical pages can be found here:

Swimming Pool Chemistry

I already have the gallons so that's the best place to start.

Hope to hear from you soon.


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