Pool Liner Trouble - Pulling Away From Wall

by Nikki
(Liberty, KY, USA )

Our liner is uneven we have water in it about ankle deep. One side is pulling the wall the other side the liner is about to fall in.

How can I fix this PLEASE!!!

Ps I can't upload on my iPhone.

Thanks for the question Nikki

If this is what I think it is, and it probably is, this situation is better left to a vinyl professional.

There's water already in the pool so you can begin by pulling up to get some slack in the liner. The liner is then clipped back in the track using a product called liner lock.

Leave a small opening on the bottom where the water can drain, then clip the last section back in. If you do not have liner lock in the coping it will pull out from the wall by breaking the seal.

If the liner is too stiff or won't stretch enough, you can use hot, not boiling water, on the liner to help with the stretching. A heat gun or hair dryer can be used to heat the liner but be careful that you don't burn through it. You're also using an electrical device around water so take mind of that. You also run the risk of over stretching or melting the liner.

This is exhausting work and can be very frustrating because you're dealing with a massive piece of vinyl and trying to get every inch back into the track and using a liner lock.

Again, if you're at all hesitant about tackling this, I'd encourage you to try to get an above ground pool installer or vinyl installer that knows what to do.

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Hope this helps and have a great Summer.


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Finance For A Swimming Pool Liner

by Melody

We have a rectangular pool. I don't know the exact measurement but the estimate is 15 x 30.

We would like to replace or repair the vinyl liner. Would it cost a lot and do you have financing?

Thanks for the question Melody

Right now I don't directly sell vinyl pool liners, however, I can give you some ballpark prices and what you should look for and possibly what's available.

A standard 15 x 30 liner will be approx. $700 - $750. Then you have to consider the mil. or gauge. This is the thickness of the liner. The thicker the pool liner the more expensive it will be.

28 mil. would be around $100 more and 30mil. will normally run about $200 more.

Then you can have adhesive and spray which can run about $80 - $160. The faceplate and gasket kit can be about $80 - $150.

Then there's the service calls. You can pay for this, similar to an extended warranty.

All in all, if you get everything, you might be looking at $1200 for the liner and installation.

Again, this is just a rough estimation but should get you going in the right direction.

Hope this helps and let me know how it turns out for you.

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What's The Difference Between Mil. And Gauge For Vinyl Liner?

by François

Here are my questions and concerns. Remember that English is not my mother tongue.

An engineer from Montreal bought an above ground pool liner. The seller told him the liner was 20 mil thick.

The client measured the liner (he has the instrument do to that) and had a suprise: the thickness is 14 mil (bottom) et 16 mil (side wall), and yet, the seller told him it was 20 mil thick.

The company explained to me that "20 mil", or "20 gauge" is a kind of expression, a way to say things in this pool industry, but it doesn't mean that the pool liner is really 20 mil thick.

What do you think of an answer like that? Is it true? Did you notice the same thing in the US?

My gut feeling is above ground pool liners are thinner today than they were before. Is it the case?

Thank you,


Thanks for the question Francois

This is my understanding of mil. and gauge. A mil equals .001 of an inch. So, for a 20 mil vinyl liner the exact measurement would be 0.020 of an inch. A 28 mil liner would be .028 inches, and so on.

A gauge is not an exact measurement. In fact, most vinyl manufacturers don't agree on what a gauge is. Many times a gauge is used to measure metals.

Concerning the engineer, I would ask if the liner was measured using a digital caliper. These give the most accurate readings.

Also ask him if asked for the gauge or the mil. when he got the liner checked. Have him ask for the exact measurement in mil.

If he got a 20 mil. liner it should read at minimum 0.020 on a digital caliper. It could be a bit over such as 0.0205 or 0.0204, but it's definitely at least 0.020.

Here's a good site that I use from time to time when I need a liner measurement:


A gauge might be an expression (due to variations in material, workmanship, and manufacturers) but mil. is not. A mil. is a mathematical measurement.

You can't have kind of a inch, or meter, or whatever. It either is or it isn't.

2 + 2 isn't close to 4, it is.

The vinyl liner companies, to the best of my knowledge, can't say a liner is 20 mil. then give you a 14 mil. liner and say it's the same thing.

I hope this answers your question.


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Used Swimming Pool Liner For A Chicken Coop

by Skye
(Salida, CO)

I'm looking for a used swimming pool liner -- you'll never guess what for. It's to put in an aboveground chicken coop, so I can put sand in the coop floor.

I don't care if the liner is ugly, and I don't care if it has a few leaks.

But I do need for it to be inexpensive.

I need around 12 feet x 12 feet min.

Can you offer any advice? Do you have any such items?



Nice website!

Thanks for the question Skye

Sorry but I don't sell new or used vinyl liners. Have you tried a local pool store?

Other people that I've known have put in an order for a used vinyl pool liner.

Not for the same reason as yours, but nonetheless.

When the liner installers go out to install a new liner they need to get rid of the old one and might be willing to sell it to you, or even give it away for free because they have to pay to dispose of the old liner.

I would encourage you to call around to local pool companies or those that install vinyl liners and tell them your situation.

I'm sure they'd be more than willing to help you if they can cut down on their labor and disposal fees.

You can even say you'll take it away from the site at no charge to them.

Tell them you'll do it for free. Companies love free labor.

Hope this helps and good luck with your chickens. That's the first time I've ever said that on my site.


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