Pool Maintenance Contractor Recommendation for the Miami/Ft/ Lauderdale area.

by Scott

I am on the Board of my condominium association. Our association just hired a new pool maintenance contractor a few months ago. We entered into a new contract because the state inspector had ordered our pool closed due to improper levels, so our association terminated the contract of the former pool maintenance contractor, who was not properly maintaining the pool. However, our new contractor seems to be even worse, as the pool has become cloudy and green on numerous occasions.

When we contact him about this problem, he tells us that someone is putting water in the pool, and throwing off the chemical balance. We have to laugh, as we reply by telling him that yes, God is putting water in the pool every time it rains. Anyway, we have grown tired of this problem, and his excuses, and have now had our pool closed for two days in a row.

He added some chemicals yesterday, but the pool has remained cloudy and green. Bottom Line...I know that you are in the ...... area, but do you know someone who has similar skill sets to yours, that works in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area. We just need a good reliable pool maintenance contractor that knows what he is doing! By the way, I watched your videos, and they were very informative.

Thanks for the question Scott and also for watching the videos on YouTube. It's always good to see that I'm helping people with their pool issue.

To answer your question I don't know of anyone in the Miami area. In fact, we've only been living in
FL for about 1 1/2 years but I plan on getting to Miami at some point.

To be totally honest, taking care of a pool is not difficult at all. I just video recorded another green/cloudy pool that I cleared up in 3 days for about $15. It's not brain surgery but does take an understanding of what to do and not to do.

We lived in a condo for our first 8 months in FL. I got so irritated at the pool guy, and I use that term loosely. He spent about 10 minutes on the pool and only took the chlorine and pH reading. The pool was plaster and had black algae spots and to the best of my knowledge was never addressed by him. This lack of attention to detail is not uncommon and can be mostly attributed to laziness. Either he knew what to do and didn't do it or didn't know what to do but refused seek out the information to correct it.

I did a video on how to choose a pool service company and it can be found here:


My advice would be to watch the video and glean as much information as you can from it. Get some referrals and go from there.

If you narrow your search down to a couple of companies I'd be more than happy to talk to them directly on your behalf and find out if they know what they're talking about. Pick their brains and ask them questions to see if they're good.

Hope this helps and good luck with your search.


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Pool Maintenance Contractor
by: Scott

Thanks for taking the time to reply to my inquiry.

I was hoping that you were a member of a pool maintenance association of some type, and perhaps had crossed paths with pool contractors from around the state.

I have watched your video, and I have passed your e-mail, and the video link to the other Board Members in our community.

The story that you related about your condo pool technician pretty much describes the guy that we are cutting loose.

Our pool has now been closed for two days, despite his "treatment" of the green pool on Monday. It is still fairly green as I write this e-mail.

Anyway, I wish you luck and if it is OK with you, I will pass your name on to my sister who is a realtor in the Sarasota area.

She may have a need for someone with your skill set during the normal course of her business.

Please let me know if that is OK.

I will contact you if our Board Members would like you to speak with our potential new pool maintenance companies or their principals.



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