Pool Opened By A Company On Monday -- It's Still Green Water On Thursday!

Had pool opened last year--great job--within 12 hours it was clean and we kept it great all year!

New company this year--opened the pool and it is still green after 3 days--have shocked the pool, vacuumed, backwashed twice--but don't know what the issue is.

Water doesn't seem to be moving as well as it used to in the pool. The old guy that opened the pool this year took the pump all apart because we were going to move the pump to another location.

Decided not to--he put it back together and hasn't seemed to work correctly since.

Would pay another person to come out but all booked up for the month of May. We are pretty good with equipment maintenance but don't know what could be the issue here.

Inground pool with liner.

Please help or recommend someone in Leawood KS.


Thanks for the question

I know how frustrating this can be so I'll do my best to give you the right answer.

When I read the question the first thing that popped into my mind is why you didn't use the same company you had last year? I will assume they closed down or sold the business.

You're kind of getting into that gray area of a legal issue.

There are ways to do this, but you need to be careful, especially if you're dealing with alot of money that you've already spent paying someone to clear up your pool.

I would encourage you to ask the pool company back. Make a "good faith effort" to get them to correct the issue.

They can see the water is green and the pump is not properly working and should make every effort to correct it quickly.

Remember to document and photograph/video record everything you do and say, and what they do and say as well. Times, dates, locations, etc...

This might come in handy later on.

If they can't or won't do the job right you might be able to get another company to do it, then pursue it legally to get your money back.

This is not legal advice, only what I've seen since taking care of pools since 1999.

When you shock, the water should become a whitish/gray color. This means the chlorine is
killing the algae.

The drop in chlorine means the chlorine is being consumed by the algae. They need to make sure they're reaching the super chlorination level, or break point chlorination.

Ask them how much chlorine they're using. Here's a chart for that and for your pool's size:

Pool Shock

Swimming Pool Chlorine

You can have them shock with Dichlor. This will not only put chlorine in the pool but will raise your cyanuric acid level (CYA).

You might need to manually dose your pool each day to keep the chlorine level up. I would recommend a chlorine level of 6.0ppm or greater while during the algae process.

The CYA is the stabilizer for the chlorine.

You can use a PolyQuat 60 algaecide during this process. No algaecides with copper or metals should be used.

Here's a good post that you'll want to read:

Sticky Pool Algaecide On Vinyl Liner

With conern for your pump, I'm not sure if you mean the pump motor or the entire filtration system.

There could be many reasons why the pump is not drawing in water like it should. The question also doesn't say what kind of filter is being used; sand, cartridge, or DE.

Pool Problems

Swimming Pool Problems

Many times a loss of pressure can be traced back to the suction side. Or it could be an issue with the pump motor.

Maybe the O-ring on the lid is bad or missing. This would allow air into the system. Or he could have not set the impeller correctly, or debris got into the motor.

Maybe he messed with/closed off the bottom drain or skimmer valves.

It's hard to troubleshoot when the question says "Decided not to--he put it back together and hasn't seemed to work correctly since."

What exactly is it doing?

I would encourage you to allow them to make the best effort in taking care of your issue.

If not, you can write back and I can try to guide you through the process of getting your pool up and running.

Clearing up a green pool isn't rocket science, but it does take a bit of knowledge and a little manual labor.

Swimming Pool Algae

Green Pool Water

Good luck and have a fun and safe swimming season.


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