Pool Route Care

by Chris
(Houston )

I have been using tricolor tabs for my pool route and now have several pools needing to be drained to lower the CYA level.

I understand I can switch to Cal Hypo granulars and to liquid chlorine to keep the CYA in range, but will the customers need to purchase a dispenser for the liquid chlorine since I only visit once a week?

Telling customers they have to drain and refill is hard enough, I'm hoping I don't have to also tell them they have to buy a new chlorine dispenser.

Hi Chris. I understand your dilemma as I had a pool route in AZ for years. I know the Summers in Houston can be brutal at some points. You want to make it as easy as you can for your customers. But you also need to properly maintain the pools.

First, and I know it's heavier to carry, but liquid chlorine in places with hard water is recommended. Cal hypo will raise the CH and a lower pH is needed to keep the water more acidic so the hardness does not precipitate out and cause water deposits at the water line. This requires more work on your part.

You could leave a couple of gallons of chlorine with your customers and explain it this way. I know I'm the pool guy and you pay me to take care of the pool. However, it is Summer. Sun, heat, UV rays, and splash out
and topping off of the pool will cause the chlorine to decrease. When it does there may not be enough FC to kill the organic in the pool.

I could run the FC higher at 8 - 9 ppm when I'm here, but you may not like that. Chlorine will always decrease. I can only be here once per week so I'm going to leave extra chlorine with you. If you could, add this in 3 - 4 days. This will ensure you have enough maintained FC level to kill the organics until I can get back here again next week. Inform them this is only for the Summer

If they ask to have the FC lower, at 1 - 2 ppm, state the facts. Chlorine will always decrease and 0 ppm is very close to 1 ppm. Algae spores can starts up once the FC gets that low.

This way to they don't need to buy a dispenser.

Some customers might say ok, some may not. That what I did. Most were receptive to the offer. some didn't like it.

You see, we're dealing with pool chemistry. Some customers may think the laws of pool chemistry cease to exist within their backyards and refuse to listen to reason. I want lower FC level at 1 ppm, always, and I don't care that the sun and heat degrades chlorine.

Welcome to dealing with the public and being a real pool guy.

Good luck.


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