Types of Pool Safety Covers

Pool Safety Covers Are An Essential Part Of Your Winter Swimming Pool Covers Pool Closing.

As a pool owner, you’re bound to be familiar with pool covers. They can save individuals a lot of money in maintenance charges and as well as time spent in cleaning the pool of debris, dirt, etc.

Typically, there are various types of covers available for pool owners to choose from. But how do you choose the right one for your pool?

Generally speaking, pool covers come in many different sizes, colors, materials, and styles, and exist for a number of purposes - child safety being one of the most important.

For example, if small children live in a home with a pool, it is of extreme importance that a pool safety cover is used.

Types of Pool Safety Covers

Pool Safety Covers Functions

Covers act as a regular cover for your pool, but they also offer a degree of safety to your children when left unsupervised.

Their main function is to help ensure parents that the risk of their children accidentally or intentionally falling into the swimming pool is minimized or prevented.

There are many different types of covers available. However, the most popular amongst them are the mesh and the solid safety pool covers.

Each has its own unique benefits to the pool owner, as reviewed below.

Solid Safety Pool Covers

These covers are made of solid material – normally an extra thick vinyl material. This type of cover is ideal for families that have hyperactive children who like spending their playtime around the pool.

The solid material used to cover the pool is built to withstand the weight of numerous children. Furthermore, when children are playing, they are not necessarily observant of the type of ground they are playing on (as far as safety is concerned).

These keep children safe if they accidentally or intentionally stumble past the edges of the swimming pool.

Additionally, these covers reduce swimming pool water evaporation and keep the temperatures constant, thus reducing heating costs (a nice added bonus for your wallet!).

Mesh Safety Pool Covers

The mesh safety cover is made from thick mesh with holes that are small enough to prevent children from falling through them, yet big enough to allow water to move through freely.

Mesh pool covers are ideal for individuals who live in areas that receive a lot of rainfall, thus keeping the pool owner from having to deal with persistent water issues.

They are typically easier to remove and store.

Depending on the specific needs for your pool and environment, finding the perfect pool cover is up to your discretion.

But know that no matter what pool cover you choose, it is important to consider having a pool safety cover on your pool.

They not only help keep children safe, but also assist in pool maintenance, and reduce energy and maintenance costs – saving you time, and keeping money in your wallet.

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