Pool Service Not Helpful

by Gail

Pool service can't clear my green pool Took 2 1/2 weeks to clear (service said he backwashed every day for 8 days) then within a week it was turning green again. When I saw it turning green last Saturday evening, Sunday am I took a water sample to store and everything was good but zero chlorine. So I put in 4 shocks and two gal liquid chlorine and two lg scoops of granular. Thought that would take care of it. Greener Monday again tested zero at store, (note found lots of feathers floating on tip of pool) so I put in a third floating chlorine and filled all three with tabs. I also put in two more gallons of liquid chlorine two more bags of super shock, and a quart of copper algaecide Pool service came Tuesday and called me Wednesday said it was totally green.

Met with him, & added two more scoops of scoops of powdered chlorine, two more gallons of liquid, and he put in 1/2 gal of silver algaecide. My husband came by and found the Hayward pool vac had a foot missing caught in the hole jamming it up. and the popups for the shallow end were turned off, with three pop-up heads missing. Husband found a dead bird trapped in opening of one of the skimmers. Service says I need to change out the sand on both of my filters. He says that is why I am having a problem, he says there is debris caught in the bottom of the sand. 'He says a sand filter won't take out the algae I bought another leaf filter, sealed in a cartridge filter, and installed
it behind my current leaf filter.

How do I get my pool clean? My pool is 30k gal with a complete double system. Two pumps, two Lg sand filters, two skimmers, two Shasta pop-up systems, one Hayward cleaner (pool service just switched to a barracuda, and told me to take in the Hayward for repairs). I have rented the house out on VRBO for out of state guests who are planning a pool party on Friday. Help!!!

Hi Gail. Had a couple pools near you on my route when I lived in AZ. Anyway, I'm going to need a full set of chemical number, FC, pH, CH, TA, and CYA. I have your kind of filter and pool size. If it's solid green there's really no way to clear it up in 24 hours. You can do it right but it will take a few days.

If the sand is less than 10 years old there's really no need to change it out, unless there was some tremendous use such as thousands of swimmers and leaving it on 24/7 for 10 years. I think the pool guy is grasping at anything at this time and not taking responsibility for his lack of knowledge and understanding.

Even a slightly cloudy pool can take a couple of days to clear up. It normally takes about 3 - 5 days for the pool to go completely clear.

Being this is email it may take a little while to get through, but I do offer phone consults that go very quickly and you'll get what you need within a 90 minute call. Get back with the chem numbers and we'll try to go from there.


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