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Jul 22, 2015
ph Level in Pool
by: Jackie

I have some questions about my pool levels. My ph is a 6.2, chlorine 0, alkalinity 120, stabilizer 0. Please help. I added chlorine yesterday and it was too high a 10 on the chart. Everything else was fine. I test today and the ph and chlorine are low. I have a 8000 gallon above ground pool. I am running out of money driving all over town to pool stores trying to get this right. My kids really want to swim. I look forward to your response.

Thanks for the question Jackie. First is you need to be sure the filter (filtration system) is perfectly working, then get stabilizer/CYA in the pool. For an 8k gallon pool go get 2 lbs. of dichlor chlorine. This is sometimes sold as "shock" but don't concern yourself with the meaningless descriptions on the package. It's sodium dichlor that you need. Add 1 lb tonight and 1 lb. in the morning. This will not only add CYA to the pool but it will maintain a high FC level to kill any organic matter in the pool. The CYA level is 30 - 50ppm. It's the 30ppm mark you want to hit.

Next is to add 3 lbs. of 20 Mule Team Borax or Arm & Hammer WASHING Soda to increase the pH to 7.2. Sweep well, allow to filter for 10 hours, retest and make another adjustment if needed.

Clean/backwash the filter prior to doing any of this because the CYA in the dichlor takes a few days to dissolve. Only use liquid chlorine after this for weekly maintenance. Add 1 gallon per week and you should be fine.

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