Pool Water Cloudy & Green & Turned Water Milky White

by Bonnie
(Boycevillie, WI. )

1st Reading

alkalinity high 180
free chlorine just on the ok
stabilizer 30-50

First time having to deal with pool issues not sure were to start or how.

2nd Reading

I send the reading from pool men store after I took water in to test. I hope it shows up for you.
Here it is, if you can't open it.

Total chlorine 4,7
Free chlorine 4.4 higher then normal
ph 7.1 10 oz. ph increase
Total alkalinity 150
Calcium hardness 150 6lbs. hardness increase
Stabilizer 40

4ft. by 24 ft, pool. I have pH 2 cups of increase ph. They said two or 3 cups. I have also bought Blue Wave Super Floc. I really don't know how much to use or what to do with it.

Any help I would apprecaite

reading are now pH 8.4
Free chlorine 3
Alkalinity 240
Stablizer 100

3rd Reading

Hello again.

Still working on water issue.

On July 2,2011 water was light green and cloudy it has been that way for 3 wks.

Water kept coming out of hose when on filter. I had hose connected wrong did not know it's written on the valve, yet it is black on black , very hard to see.

Well, expensive mistake. Person that took over pool is now deceased.

I am lost on how to take care of pool.

Hope you got my last e-mail but here it goes.

On July 2, 2011 the readings were as follows

PH -8.4

Now today I decided to just get in the pool and vacuum it out the best I could.

When I back flased the water was quit dirty, plus skimmer had a lot of bugs not very many leaves.

So I dove to bottom but didn't see leaves and it did not look bad.

I had lost alot of water backwashing so I filled pool back up waited 1 hr. and then tested/ This is the new reading:

PH 8.4 the same
freechlorine 3
alkaklinity now 180
stablizer now 30-50

Haven't added floc.

Any suggestion?

Thank u


Thanks for the information Bonnie

Some of your readings seem to be going up and down.

First thing to do is NOT put anything else in that resembles pH up or Alkalinity Up. No more sodium bicarb.

Your pH and alkalinity need to come down.

Use muriatic acid to lower both of them. Keep filtering.

You probably have an 11,800 gallon pool.

Start with 1 qt. of muriatic acid and broadcast that around the perimeter of the pool.

Allow that to circulate for about 2 hours.

Then you'll want to shock with liquid chlorine. You'll want to use 1.5 gallons, maybe even 2 gallons.

Do both the acid and chlorine in the evening and retest in the morning.

Keep filtering.

With the 2nd readings, you were very close to having a balanced pool.

Total chlorine 4,7
Free chlorine 4.4 higher then normal
ph 7.1 10 oz. ph increase
Total alkalinity 150
Calcium hardness 150 6lbs. hardness increase
Stabilizer 40

The pH was a little low, but nothing to worry about at all.

Alkalinity was just a bit high, but nothing that 1/2 qt. of acid wouldn't cure.

The chlorine and CYA were good. Chlorine at 4.7ppm is just a bit high, but would come down naturally through the sun and heat.

Focus on the pH, alkalinity, and shocking the pool in the evening.

Retest the pH, alkalinity, and chlorine in the morning.

You'll probably need to shock the pool again. You want the level to be above 12ppm to kill the algae.

The pool will stay slightly cloudy, but not to worry.

The filter will catch the dead algae and your job will be to back wash that out.

Retest the pH, alkalinity, and chlorine in the evening. The pH and alkalinity will probably have come down by then.

Shock once more, then retest the chlorine in the evening.

No more hardness increaser or sodium bicarb.

Again, focus on the shocking, filtering, and back washing.

Test morning and evening.

Keep your water level up 1/3 - 1/2 from the bottom of the skimmer.

If you're using Trichlor pool tabs, you might want to remove them for now. You don't want your CYA to increase right now.

Good luck and let me know how you're doing.


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