Question About Swimming Pool Sand Filter

by Warren
(Rock Hill, SC)

I am helping my friend with her pool. She has a Jacuzzi Laser 190L swimming pool sand filter and sand continues to return to her pool. We replaced the laterals and pool filter media last week. Unfortunately, the sand is still showing up in the pool but now a lighter color.

We suspect it is the new sand, so replacing the laterals didn't really seem to help. I have been researching and it seems that the multi-port valve could also be a possible culprit since the laterals have been ruled out.

We do see sand in the "glass" when we back wash. Would that indicate anything? Before we purchase a new multi-port valve I wanted to ask your thoughts on this. I don't want to keep buying parts until we have paid the equivalent cost of a new filter!!

I would also consider replacing gaskets only, if they are available, and not too difficult to change. This particular model sometimes is hard to find parts for. I would appreciate any insight you may have. Thanks.

Thanks for your questions Warren

When new sand in put into a sand filter it is normal for the fresh sand, dirt, and residue from the pool sand to find its way back into the pool. I just recently replaced a bulkhead from the YMCA's Commercial Tritan T-100 sand filter. We had to scoop out about 600lbs of sand, fix the bulkhead, and replace it with a
mixture of old and new pool sand.

I knew that some dirt was going to work its way back into the swimming pool. Normally a broken lateral is to blame for sand entering the pool.

For your Jacuzzi Laser 190L series you should have what called a "Standpipe & Lateral Assembly" that fits inside the filter casing and you would screw the laterals into. There are 2 gaskets that you should look at. One is under the multi-port valve which is called the "filter gasket".

Underneath the multi-port valve you have the "Adapter Flange". The Adapter Flange then sits on another O-ring. These O-rings are inexpensive and can be replaced fairly easily.

Be sure to snug the laterals in but don't over-tighten as this might cause them to break. You can try this site to find parts:

Check to see if the multi-port valve is leaking. If it is then you might just need to get another O-ring. Be sure that when you change positions on the valve you have the pump turned off and the position is locked in place, not somewhere in between positions.

Also be sure the pool sand is at the right height. It should be between 1" - 2" below the filter basket. That would be about 140lbs of sand. Pool filter sand for your sand filter should be #20 silica sand .40mm - .55mm effective size. Hope this helps and let me know how it goes


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