Question On Your Video On Chlorine

by Gary

Just watched your video on FC, TC, & CC. You said you would shock the pools when the CC was greater than 0.6. Am i confused or should it be "LESS" than o.6? Thanks very much for all your help!

Thanks for the question Gary

The way to test for CC is by using the Taylor K-2006 kit. It's the most accurate. As the video says the CC is the difference between the TC and FC. The actual reading for the CC should be 0.0. The commercial pools that I took care were governed by their respective state health departments. The law said the pool needs to be shocked when the CC reaches 0.4 - 0.6. Most home pools, when the water is balanced, won't have the CC above 0.2.

You're correct that the CC should be less than 0.6. The point I was trying to make is that it's this test, the CC test, that determines when the pool should be shocked. You shock the pool when it needs it, not because it's Saturday. There are other reasons but most of the time they're extreme instances such as heavy bather load (pool party), wind/dust storm, pathogens entered the water, heavy rains, heavy organic matter, etc... But for normal weekly pool maintenance, by keeping your FC between 2 - 4ppm and the other readings in line your pool shouldn't need any extra chlorine to do the job of killing organic matter. Some pools do need weekly shocking but this is the exception rather than the rule.

We also need to define what "shock" means. It's NOT
a product, it's a process of maintaining the FC up to 12ppm to kill the organic matter in the pool. You've probably seen packs of "shock" in the pool store. This is misleading, at the very least. That "shock" is nothing more than regular stabilized or unstabilized chlorine. There's nothing special about it. Check out my other video "Before You Shock Your Pool". You're told to "shock" your pool on a weekly basis and then, lo and behold, I just happen to have a product you need to "shock" your pool. Many times these products are marked up 100 - 200%. Think of it this way: You keep your FC at 3ppm. then you're told to weekly increase it by 300 - 400%, bring the FC up to 10 - 12ppm. You're using (buying) double or even triple the amount of chlorine with a product that they've marked up an additional 100 - 200%. Good for their cash registers, not for your wallet.

Hope this clears it up for you.

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Hope this helps and have a great Summer.


Thanks for getting back to me so quick Robert. Ill watch that other video as soon as I can!


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