Recirculating Setting On Multiport Valve On Top Of Sand Filter Drained Pool - Set For Chemical Adding

Pool pump capacitor went out. Took over a week to get it repaired. Pool looking pretty green/cloudy. Had to put several chemicals in and set multiport valve on top of sand filter to recirculating.

The pool drained down 6 inches of water. Why? How to trouble-shoot ...

Last August had a spider gasket replaced on multiport valve - had been leaking to waste (and into sewer the entire summer!). Hired American Leak Detection to find this problem.

They said rest of system was good with no leaks in piping. Pool seemed to be running perfectly (no loss of water) until capacitor went out.

Have sand change scheduled for Monday...sand 6 years old... but can't figure out why recirculating would drain water.

Thanks for the question

The RECIRCULATE position on the Multi-Port valve is used to move water through the system, but by pass the filter.

I would first ask if there's any water around the filtration system that could be leaking out. When you put the system on RECIRCULATE it has much more power because it doesn't have to push water through the sand filter.

The water could also be leaking from the backwash hose as well. Here's a couple excellent posts about this problem:

Noisy Sand Filter And Sand Coming Out Waste Line On Backwash

Coming Out Backwash Hose? I Need Help

You're changing the sand which is a good idea at this time. Here's another good post about a leaking pool:

Water Emptying Out Of My Pool Through Sewer Drain At All Settings...

I worked with a leak detection company in Arizona for a short time. Even with their best equipment they couldn't find every single leak. Some of them are very small. The post above goes into greater detail on leak detection and has many troubleshooting tips.

If the water is draining when the pump is off, you probably have a leak in the pool or in the piping. without water going through the system, it would be easier to spot.

Look over the posts above. They probably have the information you need.

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May 18, 2013
I Have This Exact Problem
by: Anonymous

What was the final solutions to this problem? I have the same problem...

My multi port valve leaks on top (actually standing water--nothing overflowing) I went to replace the gasket to the multi port valve but with this model I have to replace the whole multi port valve.

If I replace it will this stop the problem?

I have no idea if this worked for him or not. He didn't enter his email address when he submitted the question so he probably won't know that someone commented on his question.

The spider gasket will solve most issues with a leaking MPV. Just be sure to not over-tighten it and with a cross-adjustment.


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