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Aug 23, 2016
Slimy algae on vinyl liner inground pool
by: Miriam

We have a vinyl liner in ground pool. This spring when we opened it the liner had come out of the coping and we had quite a time getting it back in and the water level up so we could run the filter. Meanwhile, the pool went to shades of dark green I've never seen before.

Finally, after weeks of trying to get help getting the liner back in, we started the filter and cleared the pool up. About a week after that happened, a very dark green nasty algae?? appeared on the slope into the deep end covering a good portion of it. We have tried the triple shock, double shock process to no avail.

The other areas, the deep and shallow ends were free of this stuff but now it is starting to appear in those areas as well. It feels slimy to the touch.

I thought it was black algae but now I'm reading about pool goo or pool tar. How do we determine which it is and how to treat it? Will a potent algeacide help this mess? To try to brush it off the deep areas of the pool is impossible since you can't get any leverage with the long pole.

Do I need to hire a deep sea diver to get down there and scrub those areas off$$$$$? Please help me.

Hi Miriam. I'm going to need a full set of chemical numbers: FC, pH, TA, CH, CYA and metals. I also need your pool size and kind of filter.

Pool goo or tar is usually caused using a metal based algaecide such as copper. You should never use this. If you want to use an algaecide you should go with a PolyQuat 60% one. Black algae is normally found in plaster pools. It can happen with vinyl but is much less common.

To clear up the pool you're going to need to sweep the entire pool, however you can. This mixes up the chemicals and keeps the algae in suspension to get filtered and backwashed out.

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