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My pool guy will be putting in a new vinyl liner soon. He suggested using chlorine tablets only, shock only if needed, and use baking soda for alkalinity. Do you agree with using tablets only? I just can't believe it will give me good chlorine reading and not drive my cya through the roof! With a new vinyl liner is it safe to use liquid chlorine for shocking? I like to "shock" after parties. Now the pool store tells me liquid chlorine will bleach my liner.

I have always used calcium hypo shock weekly or after parties and I know they like to sell it to me because of the cost. So just using tablets is a new concept to me! He is adding a tablet feeder so they will not be in a floater. My pool has a history of high ph and iron staining so the pool guy thinks this will make maintenance easier for me. 18x40 inground pool, Hayward sand filter/super pump, 27,000 gallons. Thank you for any advice you can give.

Hi Jennifer. You're correct that using just tabs will quickly increase the CYA. That range is 30 - 50ppm. If you're strictly relying on tabs, going through 6 - 8 per week in the Summer, the CYA will increase and you'll be doing a drain and refill every other year. Get and use the Taylor K-2006 kit. I've made several detailed videos on
how to exactly use it.

You can use liquid chlorine or unscented bleach to successfully chlorinate and shock your pool. The issue is adding it. One way is to pour it directly into the deep end, around the perimeter, then immediately sweep very well. Really stir it up. It's heavier than water and will sink. Sweeping mixes it up.

2nd is to dilute it in a bucket 3/4 filled with pool water. Add it to the pool and sweep well. Cal hypo will increase the hardness and pH and costs more than liquid chlorine or bleach. Super chlorinating after parties is a good idea. Large amounts of swimmers can quickly eat up chlorine.

For metals, you're going to need a metal sequestrant. Jack's Magic has a good line. Look for the ingredient 1-Hydroxyethylidene-1, 1- diphosphonic Acid. Dose your pool per the directions.

For a pool with high pH issues, be sure to keep a couple of gallons of acid on hand. Dry acid works just as well. Keep the pH in the range of 7.2 - 7.8.

Back to the tabs. We need to understand their use. They're there to dose your pool with about 1ppm chlorine per day. It's there as a slight backup to not allow the FC to bottom out and until you can get back to add the appropriate amount of chlorine.

Hope this helps. Remember I have eBooks available and offer personal consults.


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May 21, 2016
Working well so far
by: Jennifer

Great advice! Our new liner was filled with water 3 was ago, everything is going great so far. My fill water is high in iron and copper. I did use a pre fill filter, jacks magic blue stuff, and I am running a culator polymer bag in my pump basket. My first water test tested very low for copper and no iron at all. I bought a Taylor test kit and my water tested great at the pool store. I walked out without buying anything or a big list of steps to complete!!

That sounds great Jennifer. Being empowered and having a full understanding is what it's all about.


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