Rusty Screw In Chlorine Pool

by Jennifer

My husband went to lowes and bought a replacement screw/washer for the bottom step on our pool ladder (deep end) 1 week ago when the pool was opened. Last night, after I shocked it with 3 gals of bleach, I noticed the screw is completely rusted. We pulled the ladder out and it is so rusted he could barley get it out of the ladder!

There was an orange film on the white steps, but I was able to get them clean with baking soda. My question is am I going to get an iron stain from this? Should I add another bottle of jacks the blue stuff (that's all I have on hand) Side note I have water that has a history of metals. I use jacks magic the blue stuff with a Culator bag. 2 quarts were added last week after I opened it.

28,000 gal vinyl lined chlorine pool/Hayward sandfilter and in line chlorinator.
CL:high, above 7-10, just shocked

Ph:7.4 CA:140 TA:90. Water is cloudy blue, almost can see the main drain (opened 1 week ago) thank you for any advice you can give me!

Hi Jennifer. For the screw issue, you can use Titanium or 316 stainless steel screws. The one that rusted may have been galvanized. You can get them from or a good local hardware store.

You have metals and are using the best sequestrant already, so nothing to do there. For spot rust treatments, you can get a large bottle of vitamin C from Walgreens or a place like that. Put a good handful in a sock, crush it up, and apply to the affected area. It might take a bit of rubbing but it should remove any stains.

Jack's is good for systemic metal issues and ascorbic acid (vit. C) is good for spot treatments.


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Salt Water Pool With High Chlorine & Rust Colored Water

by Robin
(Ontario, Canada)

We have just purchased a 54" X 21" salt water system pool. After filling up the pool, we brought a sample to the company and they gave us the directions.

After having done all that, I ran a test and got a high chlorine reading "almost 3.5 perhaps" and a low PH "about 7.0 or 7.1 (difficult to determine with the test kit).

I will get the one you suggested but meanwhile, my water is rusty color. Short of draining water to put some more (we don't have that alternative with the well being low (eastern Ontario). I said to my freaked out husband to just let it be and it will come down - I shut off the salt system / chlorine generating device and we wait.

From what I read of some of your answers, it should be right.

Tx Robin

Thanks for the question Robin

The chlorine reading is fine. Home pools should run the chlorine between 1.5 - 3.5ppm. You're on the upper high side, but nothing to worry about. I run the Y pool (80,000 gallon salt pool) between 3.5 - 4.5ppm and it's fine.

It will take some time to learn how to "dial in" the salt chlorinator. This will be determined by usage, sun, heat, organic matter that falls into the pool (grass, leaves, etc..)

Most salt pools with normal use will keep it around 20 - 25%. You might be able to start from there and work your way around that. Next, the pH is a bit low, but nothing that a little baking soda won't cure.

You can also use 20 Mule Team Borax as this will raise the pH without much happening to the alkalinity.

Swimming Pool pH Levels

Pool pH

I'd like to have the rest of your chemical readings. It makes troubleshooting much easier and the process of clearing up your pool will go much faster. With well water you probably have high iron and/or copper. You need to get this checked out from your local pool store.

If you do have a high metal content, you'll need a good metal sequestrant. A metal sequestrant does not remove metal from pool water. It holds it in solution until it can get filtered. Then you backwash the metal out. Because metal sequestrants break down over time and get filtered and backwashed out, you need to weekly dose your pool if you have high iron and copper.

Metal sequestrants that are based on HEDP, phosphonic acid or something similar are the most effective. Jack's Magic Blue, Purple, and Pink Pink Stuff, Metal Magic, Metal Free, & Metal Klear are very good. Yes, I would suggest getting a Taylor DPD kit.

Pool Water Testing

Water Testing Kit

Hope this helps and have a great Summer.


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