Filter Has Run Dry After Emptying Skimmer Box

by Bob
(Sydney,NSW, Australia)

After emptying the skimmer box / tray situated at the filter system (not the one in the pool), I resealed the lid and turned filter on but water not sucking through and system has run dry.

How do I get water running through pipes again?

Thanks for the question Bob

There is probably a couple of things you can check.

First, the gasket/O-ring on the lid might be broken or worn. If it is, you need to replace it. A broken gasket won't give you a good seal and will allow air into the system.

2nd, you'll need to prime the system. This is very simple. Be sure that no debris is in the pot.

Get a bucket of pool water and pour it into the pump. It should fill with water. Put the lid back on, start the pump motor, and bleed out the air through the filter.

If it doesn't fill, or if water is draining out, you can try the next step, but you need to be very careful, and quick.

Partially close the bottom drain or skimmer valve, or both. This will not allow water back through the system.

Fill the pump with water, put the lid on, and start your system up. Quickly open both the skimmer and bottom drain valve, then bleed the air out.

I would try the first and second step before trying the third. Only do this when the other two fail.

Also check the impeller in the motor house. It should turn freely. Turn off the system before checking anything. Be sure the motor is good as well.

Hope this helps and have a great swimming season.


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Lateral Is Stuck..Replacing Sand In Filter..

How do I remove lateral pipe from the valve control head.

It is really stuck!

Thanks for the question.

I've had this problem a few times. There's sometimes so much grit and debris in the laterals that turning anything makes it very difficult.

This is what I've done and it works, at least for me.

First is to clean it the best you can. Spray it down with clean water.

Next is to heat it up. This might be difficult for you, but we have a hot water hose at the Y that we use to top off the hot tub, so hot water is readily available.

Try the best you can to put as much hot water on the area as you can. What you're doing is expanding and contracting the area.

Next is to use WD40 or a similar product. Spray the area down and allow it for sit for a few minutes.

Remember to put paper towels under the lateral. You don't want any oil getting into the sand or inside the filter.

Gently work the lateral back and forth while you're doing each step.

Repeat the steps until the lateral is free.

Once its free be sure to clean it very well. No sand in any grooves. I've used a toothbrush for this step.

It may take a little bit of time, but this is what I've done and it seems to work.

Hope this helps and have a fun and safe swimming season.

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PSI Gauge For Sand Filter Is Leaking And Not Working

by Bobby
(St. Thomas ON, Canada)

I just opened my inground pool for the season and noticed that when the filter is on, it's leaking water out of the area where there is a bolt that connects the PSI guage to the filter.

And now the PSI guage is not working.

Does this mean the PSI gauge is broken or the filter is broken?

Something wrong with the bolt or is there something I can do to fix it?

Thanks for the question Bobby

I have answered similar questions at these links:

High Pressure Problem On A Swimming Pool Sand Filter

My Pool Sand Filter Has Low Pressure..Low Psi & Multiport Valve Is Leaking..

Turn the pump off. If the gauge doesn't drop to zero, the gauge is bad and you'll need to replace it.

Some gauges have a small O-ring or gasket. Unscrew the gauge and take a look at the gasket. If it's worn out or torn, you can replace that as well.

You can also put a thin layer of plumbing tape over the threads of the bolt.

Be sure you don't over tighten the gauge when you screw it back in. Snug is just fine.

99% of the time when I had a leaking gauge, especially for the YMCA pool filters, the O-ring was the problem. I replaced it and everything was fine.

Hope this helps and have a fun and safe swimming season.


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