Snowbird / Part Timer in Florida - Pool Care. Monthly vs Weekly Care Of My Pool.

by Eric

First let me say that I am a big fan of your videos and your knowledge. I own a home in Spring Hill Florida (retirement) that is very lightly used. It has a 12,000 gallon pool with a Sta-Rite filter system. The pool is currently being taken care of by a pool care company. My question is would it be hard for me to maintain this pool on a monthly basis rather than weekly?

I am at the property at least once a month and the pool is only used in the summer months. I am literally paying $1,000.00 a year to use the pool sparingly in the summer. Can I maintain the pool using the BBB method and Shock it every time I leave (for up to a month) and leave the pump on as scheduled? Or is paying for the service worth it? Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Any advice you give will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the vote of confidence.

I've taken care of pools in Arizona, Oregon, and now in Florida. The BBB method is a great way to go. It cuts down on useless chemicals that you don't need.

I can honestly say that servicing a pool on a monthly basis is really pushing it. Perhaps in the Winter you could bring the FC up to 15 - 20ppm and be alright. Water temps are around 50 degrees right now. Bacteria and algae have a more difficult time reproducing at colder water temps.

But this is FL and we need
to be mindful of that. You know that temps can reach 95 and lows in the lower to mid 80s. Water temps in the mid to upper 80s. Not much cooling off time until the next day. Not to mention we had 25" of rain last August. Manhole covers were popping off in Tampa due to the sewer and storm drain overflow. That kind of rain will bottom out your FC and CYA levels, and raise the pH within a matter of days. If the pool is not taken care of within a couple days the water can start to go green. This is still not taking into consideration the rain we get through a regular week.

I'd be very weary of someone who said you could simply get away with shocking the pool once per month. There are way too many self-proclaimed "pool guys" out there. They believe what's good for their pool is consistent with your pool. It's simply not true. Unfortunately, pools need weekly maintenance, and at minimum, bi-weekly maintenance. Those who say you could probably don't understand that there are many variables to consider. Some are part of the country (really hot or moderate) bather load, rain amounts, sun exposure, climate, evaporation cycles, type of fill water, etc... There's not a one size fits all approach and your situation is different than your neighbor.

If I were you, I'd keep the pool care company, if they're doing a good job. I don't see a way around the FL sun and 35" of rain in the Summer.


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