Best Swimming Pool Cover Pump For Easy Winter Maintenance

Having a swimming pool cover pump makes your life a whole lot easier.  You've closed your pool for the season and are now ready to relax through the Fall and Winter and dream of spring and the next time you get to swim.  But before we get there, we need to know that just because you have a cover on your pool doesn't mean you job is over.  Even during the off season your pool needs occasional attention.  And that's when a good pool cover pump comes into play.

swimming pool cover pump

What Is A Pool Cover Pump?

Most swimming pool cover pumps that I know about are 110 V and used to remove water from your swimming pool cover.  You place the pool cover pump on the swimming pool cover and allow it to pump the rain water off the cover.  You have a choice of a hand water pump, gas powered water pump, manual or automatic.  With the manual pumps, you will need to monitor the water progress and turn it off when the water is finished.  The automatic ones have these smart little sensors that will turn the unit on and off automatically.

Does A Pool Cover Pump Remove Snow?

The short answer is no.  It's designed to remove water and melted snow, not the snow itself.  If you have accumulated snow on your Winter cover, the 2 best ways to remove it is either with a soft-bristle push broom or a leaf blower.  NEVER use a rake or any type of metal object like a shovel.  It will certainly tear or rip your cover.

And try to not leave the pool cover pump all the time.  If water is allowed to accumulate, then freeze, it can freeze the cover pump to the cover.

Why Do You Need A Pool Cover Pump?

Your winter pool cover does alot of work during the Fall and Winter.  It keeps rain, melted snow, and debris  out of your pool.  But it can't do everything on its own.  That's where you play your part.  You should help your pool cover along during the off-season by getting the rain and melted snow off it.  Water needs someplace to go and what we don't want is it to find a home on top of your winter pool cover.

Water is very heavy and weighs about 8 lbs. per gallon.  Accumulated water on your pool cover becomes even heavier and will focus its energy and gather in the center of the cover.  A 12 x 24" pool with 1" of rain can weigh over 1,400 lbs. which can ruined your expensive pool cover within a few short seasons.  A good vinyl safety pool cover should last about 7 - 10 years, but accumulated water left on the cover can considerably shorten its life.  This doesn't mean we need to go into panic mode every time it rains.  It simply means we need to keep this in the back of our minds, be proactive, and make sure our Winter cover gives of years of service.   

Swimming Pool Cover Pump

Benefits Of A Swimming Pool Cover Pump

Some pool owners would rather dump the whole mess into the pool and worry about swimming pool care later.  Not a very good idea.  Then there are those who will hire a professional swimming pool service for their pool cleaning supplies and be happy they did, until they get the bill.  There are many brands that offer great variety and service. I've noticed that Rule, Economy, and the Little Giant pump company are some of the best.  Most of these are pretty powerful so you'll need to keep an eye on the water level.

There are many benefits of a pool cover pump and one of them is keeping your pool safe.  You have your choice of manual, electric and automatic electric models.

Manual Cover Pumps

Manual pumps normally come with a long siphon hose.  You squeeze the siphon ball until the water flows from the tube and cnce the water is removed from the cover, the water stops flowing.  Manual pumps are the easiest and least expensive types of cover pumps.

Electric Cover Pumps

Many electric cover pumps are operated with an on/off switch.  Electric pumps need to be monitored to make sure it has been turned when the water is gone from the top of the Winter pool cover.

Automatic Cover Pumps

These are the most convenient but are also the most expensive pool cover pumps.  An automatic cover pump will turn on as water accumulates and turn off when the cover is dry. 

There are many brands that offer great variety and service.  I've noticed that Rule, Economy, and the Little Giant pump company are some of the best.  Most of these swimming pool cover pumps are pretty powerful so you'll need to keep an eye on the water level.  Each one of these offer you great performance and high quality. Just remember to do your homework to get the right swimming pool cover pump for your needs.  

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