Pool Opening Or Not Opening

by Vickie
(Kansas City, MO)

We have a 20'x40', 33,000gal. vinyl lined pool. We are wondering what would we need to do (if anything) on not opening our pool this season, we live in the KC MO area, we just have too many other projects this year!


Thanks for the question Vickie

Yes you can go two years before opening the pool. Just remember that you're going to have a mess when you open it. It's important to keep the pool topped off.

There are some things to consider. You may have staining from the algae. Event he best pool covers will allow dirt and debris into the pool, so you'll have extra to clean up the next time you open.

If you've used any kinds of plugs, they need to be checked. The chances of the plugs being good after 2 Winters is slim. If water is allowed into the pipes you could have a problem with the pipes bursting. Check to be sure the lines are blown out and the plugs are secure this Fall.

I personally tell pool owners if at all possible to open the pool, but if they can't, to be sure the pool is good to go. Don't allow last years closing to dictate this years closing. Look over everything again and be sure it's good to go.

Hope this helps and have a great Summer.


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Can I Close A Pool For Two Years?

by Sylvia

My husband and I are considering filling our pool in two years.

After we close the pool this fall, we do not want to open the pool next year to see if we really want to fill the pool in.

What steps do we go to not open the pool next spring, but maintain it (such as adding chlorine, shock, etc though the skimmer basket) and then next fall, what do we do to "winterize" the pool?

Just in case we decide to re-open the pool in 2013 and not fill the pool in.

Thank you.

P.S. My husband is 86 years old and I am 73. Too much work and expense.

Thanks for the question Sylvia

If you're going to winterize your pool this Fall, there's nothing to do to winterize it again.

You'll have the lines blown out, the filter will be removed, etc... It will already be finished.

As concerning not doing a start up next Spring, you can do that. The main thing is to top off the water.

When you take the cover off there is going to be a mess. There always is during a pool opening.

You can use chlorine, but it won't be filtered because the filter will not be on the system.

If you want the water to circulate, you're going to need to hook everything back up again, do another start up, then close the pool once more.

You can add chlorine then manually mix it up. Don't throw the chlorine tabs into the pool.

They'll sit on the bottom and cause a stain or you'll have a large bleached out area.

Even if you use a tab floater, it might sit next to the wall and cause a stain or bleached out area as well.

If you do decide to open the pool in the Spring of 2013, be prepared to use alot of chlorine to clear up the pool because the pool will have sat for 2 years.

I hope I answered your questions to your satisfaction. If there's anything else please feel free to contact me.

Have a wonderful Summer.


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Can I Leave Pool Open?

by Carol
(Limassol, Cyprus)

I would like to leave my pool open this winter will this be okay if I run my pump for 6 hours a day and vacuum every two weeks and treat with chemicals as required?

Thanks for the question Carol

It is perfectly acceptable to leave a pool open for the Winter. The only time you need to winterize a pool is when the pool will freeze over. Run the filter for 6 hours a day and take the chemical readings every week, adding what you need.

You still need to backwash when the filter pressure gets 8 - 10psi over the "just backwashed" pressure and vacuum when the pool needs it. Normal pool maintenance applies to having a pool open in the Winter.

Hope this answers you question and have a wonderful day.


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In Warm Ares Such As California, Is It Necessary To Close & Open An Inground Pool?

by Sandy
(Montclair, California)

I always wondered because this pool has never had it done that I know of, and I have lived here since 1973.

Thanks for the question Sandy

In warmer climates you can leave your pool open year round. Closing a pool is only necessary when the temperature is consistently under the freezing point.

Pool owners will close their pools because the water basically becomes a block of ice in the Winter. If you have lows in the 30s or 40s you can keep your pool open and the FILTER going 4 - 6 hours per day. Remember to check the chemicals readings at least once per week, even in the Winter.

To post a reply, or if you have a similar question, you can see your post on the Q&A page in the "Closing/Winterize A Pool" category.

Check back to this post for updates or answers.

If you need immediate assistance (within 24 hrs) or for emergency personal assistance, you can make a donation of your choice and I'll answer your questions by phone.

Contact Me


Hope this helps and have a great Summer.


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Keeping My Pool Open This Winter

by Christie

I keep my pool open through the winter. I was out of town for a few days and we had a freeze.

I'm afraid to turn on my pump now.

Have I ruined it or should I just wait until it warms up?

Thanks for the question Christie

There's a big difference between a freeze and frozen. If you had a couple of day with temperatures slightly below freezing, but warmed up a bit during the day, there shouldn't be any problem.

The issue that pool owners face is when it stays in the 20s, or below, for a few days. This is when pipes can freeze up. When they do freeze, they expand and can break.

Without knowing the exact temperatures you had it would be hard to say with any degree of certainty what may happen. But again, if it was just a slight frost or near 32 degrees, your pool should be safe.

If you're weary or unsure about winterizing a pool, you can go to my page about that:

Pool Winterization

There lots of good info, there and also on the pool Q&A page:

Swimming Pool Questions and Answers

When I took care of pools in Arizona there were days where the temperatures got below freezing. In April of 1999, in Gilbert, AZ, which is right outside of Mesa where my pool route was, they had the lowest temperature in the nation at 13 degrees, but none of the pool froze over.

It takes days, sometimes a week or two, at very low temps. to have pipes freeze solid.

Hope this helps and good luck with your pool.


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