Swimming Pool Safety Cover

Swimming pool safety cover and child swimming pool safety. Great information about pool safety rules and swimming safety tips. 

Above ground or inground pool covers should be the first thing any pool owner thinks about when Fall starts and before the cold of Winter.

Swimming safety should be of the utmost concern for parents.

A good inground or above ground pool cover or a quality solid cover will help protect both your children and pets from becoming another drowning statistic.

For an added layer of protection, I would highly recommend looking into a quality swimming pool alarm. After years and years of improvements, you can get outstanding above ground or inground pool covers.

Many safety pool covers either meet or exceed local and national standards.

When properly secured to your swimming pool, they offer reliable service that can’t be just blown off by a good gust of wind and requires a special installation rod.

These are not to be confused with a solar pool cover, which retains heat in your pool.

Swimming Pool Safety Cover Maintenance

Safety pool covers are pretty easy to maintain. Leaves and debris that are on the cover just seem to blow off.

If it rains, you can rest easy in knowing no debris will get into your pool causing problems when Spring rolls around and you're stuck scooping 30lbs. of leaves from the bottom of the pool.

If you do have a bit of water accumulated on your safety cover, don't worry about that one bit. Just hook up your trusty swimming pool cover pump and your in business once again.

Pool Safety Cover


Many safety and winter swimming pool covers can be tailored to fit just about any size or shape of pool. Most covers are available in blue, black, green, or grey. Many pool covers have nice looking fittings and anchors. The need for unsightly ropes and water bags might be eliminated.


Convenient automatic pool covers/electric pool covers are very important to swimming pool owners these days. Who has the time or patience to hassle with a pool cover for 2 hours? Manufacturer's have many different style of covers that can be installed or taken down within a matter of minutes.


Be sure you're getting a safety pool cover that has a good warranty. Many of them will warranty their work from 8-12 years, and maybe even beyond that.

Benefits Of A Swimming Pool Solid Cover

  • Prevents water, dirt, leaves, and debris from getting into your pool, sometimes with the help of a leaf cover.
  • Less algae build-up because the cover blocks the sun which makes for an easy spring start-up.
  • Many come in a nice looking silver/grey, blue, black, and green color
  • Many covers have a heavy-duty vinyl coat complete with cable and winch for easier installation
  • Warranty is pretty good, from 8-12 years. Some may go even longer with a 2 year full replacement.
  • U.V. coating protects from the sun. This is not to be confused with a mesh cover
  • Use for pool winterization shut-downs or for extended periods of non-use
  • Safety for children and pets
  • They just look pretty cool

Sizes & Prices 

Obviously prices will vary depending on your pool size and shape. These are just estimates but will give you a ball-park figure of what you may expect to pay for an inground safety cover and a round above ground safety pool net.

12X20 $420
12X24 $500
12X27 $560
14X28 $630
15X30 $670
16X32 Right, Side, and Left Step is $670 through $890
18X36 $780
18X40 $900
20X40 $900
20X40 Right, Side, and Left Step is $1030
20X50 $1400
25X45 $1200
30X50 $1600
30X60 $1900

15' $260
18' $300
21' $360
24' $440
27' $500
30' $590

You cannot place a price on safety. If you don't purchase a swimming pool safety cover, drain your above ground pool and put it away. If you have an inground pool, please get a pool safety cover. 

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