Swimming Pool Safety Fence: Inground Fence And Kids Water Safety

Swimming pool safety fence and child water safety. Inground and above ground pool fence and pool net is a great device for water safety for kids.

Unfortunately, more than 2000 parents and caregivers find themselves in the hospital each year with a child who has accidentally drowned.  Through the proper education and knowledge, most drownings can be prevented.

This is why you need good information and lifesaving pool safety tips to prevent or child or toddler from drowning.  If you have an inground or above ground swimming pool you need to install a fence if you have not done so already. 

What Is A Child Pool Fence?

As a concerned parent or caregiver, you need to understand the potential danger that exists without safety pool fences.  The combination of an unsupervised child or toddler and a pool is almost certain drowning.  We can all do our best to prevent the tragedy of another child becoming a drowning statistic. A child or baby pool fence has been proven over the last 25-30 years to be the best protection against accidental drowning.  It is the most practical and effective barrier against drowning.

The concept of a child pool safety fence and a pool safety barrier is pretty simple.  It is to isolate the child or toddler from the pool.  The pool actually needs to be isolated from the rest of the backyard.  This means you shouldn't have to open any safety swimming pool fences to get into the yard.  There should be no other reason to unlock the gate and enter the pool area other than to swim.  Your backyard needs to be accessible to you without having to go through any swimming pool fences.

Accidental Drowning Is Serious

How serious you may ask?  A study was done by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to find out information on how accidental drowning occurs. These drowning statistics may open your eyes.

Person in charge of at the time of drowning?

  • 69% occurred while one or both parents were supervising
  • 10% were caregivers or other adults
  • 14% were strictly caregivers
  • 7% were siblings
  • Location of the pool drowning?
  • 65% were in a pool owned by the child's family
  • 22% at a relative’s pool
  • 11% happened at a neighbor's pool

Drowning happens suddenly and without warning.  It touches everyone, in some way or another.  A safety or chain linked fence could be your best bet against your child being another statistic for the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Layers of Protection Around A Swimming Pool

You must have layers of protection along with proper supervision to help with accidental and near drowning.

  • Doors leading to the pool should have high locks and door alarms
  • A child safety pool fence with self-closing latches
  • Some kind of water survival training, water safety rules and activities for your child. A swimming pool fence is great but what if your child enters the pool without your knowledge? Get a quality swimming pool alarm.
  • CPR/First Aid training

The main point of the layers of protection for your swimming pool is that it’s more difficult for the child to enter the pool area.  This allows you a bit more time to find out what your child is up to.  Still, all safety swimming pool fences, when properly built, will give you the most protection possible along-side adult supervision.  There are many pool safety fence designs from which to choose.  There are safety fence rental agencies all around the country.  You can get a temporary plastic safety fence, removable pool fencing as well as above ground pool fences.

Swimming Pool Safety Fence Should Not Be Optional

Having the right kind of water safety instruction and swimming pool safety fence can save a child.  It could be yours or another child from the neighborhood.  Either way, even if one child drowns from not installing a specific child safety pool fence, or any kind of swimming pool safety fence, it’s one too many.  If you don’t have a swimming pool fence you need to get one. If you can afford a pool, you must purchase swimming pool safety fence. When it comes to swimming safety, it's all up to you.

Happy and Safe Swimming

If you've been thinking about buying a child safety pool fence, now is the best time. 

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