Swimming Pool Safety Net

Swimming pool safety net and child swimming pool safety. Very important part of your pool safety supplies is a strong pool net.

A pool safety net is a great way to make your pool safe.

You can relax and enjoy your pool and bring wonder and beauty to your back yard.

Pool safety should be your #1 concern to protect your children and pets against the danger of accidental drowning. 

This is the number one cause of death in children under the age of five. 

swimming pool safety net, swimming pool safety equipment, inground pool safety

No safety net mean you child has a higher chance of drowning or submersion injury. A quality pool net is one of the best insurance policies you can have. 

Strong Swimming Pool Safety Net

The pool nets you should be looking for are built to stringent ASTM-F-1346-91 standards.

They should be drawn tight over your pool using solid brass anchors, stainless steel connectors and a central tension system using only flush mounting points.

Net Pool Safety - Pool Net Installation

The net pool covers safety material should be a polyethylene fabric and weave with 3 1/2" squares.

swimming pool safety net, swimming pool safety equipment, inground pool safety

The standards of ASTM F-1346-91 calls for 4" or smaller squares. This is wonderful for child swimming pool safety and it protects even the smallest head of a child from going through the net and at the same time it discourages children from playing on the net.

The safety and swimming pool leaf net cover material should be certified to hold 485 lbs in the center without breaking.This exceeds any real world situation.

Your net should not only meet all ASTM F-1346-91 safety standards, they should be designed to be removed and replaced with minimumal effort. It should be an "easy on/easy off" ratchet and rollup type of swimming pool safety systems.

swimming pool safety net, swimming pool safety equipment, inground pool safety

Swimming pool safety net installation should only done by fully trained technicians. No third parties or outside contractors should be used.

Swimming Safety Tips & Pool Safety Rules

A safety swimming pool net:

  • Have ease of operation - if there's a hassle there's a hazard

If there's no ease of operation you are less willing to put the net on which can create a dangerous situation. Watch for inferior material. The netting needs to be machine made to ensure uniformity, strength, and tautness. Those handmade and home safety nets nets can loosen and sag.

  • The netting knots need to be stented (heat sealed) or else they'll slip
  • The netting should have stabilized UV Inhibitors. Sunlight and pool chemicals could shrink or deteriorate the netting material. The netting should be virgin, unused, and not recycled.
  • The components and fittings should be made from high quality and durable nylon, brass or stainless steel. An inflatable safety net, plastics and/or galvanized metals could rust.
  • The pulley system should not be made of any metal. Metal tension pulleys can weigh down the center of the net and make it sag and scratch your fibererglass swimming pool.
  • The net hooks should not be bent nails but precision-engineered components. This will prevent entanglement.
  • Don't buy a pre-cut or DIY swimming pool safety net. I have never seen one that fit.
  • Be sure the net pool safety cover can be used on a roller which might half the time in rolling up the netting
  • You can get optional fittings so your entertainment area can be color coordinated to match your backyard, decks, pool vinyl swimming pool liner, copings etc…If you like the look of your swimming pool safety net or freestyle safety nets you'll use it.
  • A swimming pool leaf net cover is not considered a safety net so please don't get them confused
  • Have a pool safety sign where everyone can see it
  • Install a child safety pool fence
  • Take baby swimming lessons or swimming lessons for children at your local pool
  • Understand child water safety and swimming and water safety

Having a quality swimming pool safety net is a wise investment but it's not a substitute for good adult supervision.

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