Swimming Pool Solar Covers

Best swimming pool solar covers and pool supplies information. A swimming pool solar blanket is a great heat saver for your pool, spa, jet tubs and hot tub for ultra clean technology.

Solar heating blankets are usually made of a resin kind of material. They have thousands of tiny air bubbles designed to heat to your pool using the sun’s rays.

About 70% of heat loss is due to evaporation, so getting and using a good cover is one the best ways to keep your hard-earned money in the pool.

They're also a very cheap pool heater.

While they don't necessarily "heat" your pool in the strictest sense of the word, they do keep the heat in the water. An inground or above ground solar cover is an effective way to keep your pool naturally heated and with economy in mind.

swimming pool solar covers, solar covers for pools, aboveground, in ground

Swim Earlier & Longer

  • Raise pool water temperature at least 10°-15°F 
  • Swim earlier and later each season
  • May reduce energy bills
  • If you have a pool heater, pool solar blankets may save you money in heating costs
  • The air bubbles in the are like insulators, keeping the heat in at night and reducing evaporation of water and chemicals during the day
  • These are pretty tough and the quality solar pool blankets are made of stabilized resins should stand up to years of use
  • Strong seams that lie flat may be able to withstand repeated folding, or you may use a swimming pool solar cover reel
  • Perfect accent to a nicely landscaped yard and a perfect looking pool
  • You can cut them to your pool's specific shape and size
swimming pool solar covers, solar covers for pools, aboveground, in ground
swimming pool solar covers, solar covers for pools, aboveground, in ground

Swimming Pool Solar Covers Tips

  • Top quality in material
  • Strong and durable
  • Strong seams
  • Good heating and insulation
  • Reflective bottom coating
  • Can withstand weather
  • Easy to install and wrap up
  • Less expensive than other forms of pool heating
  • Variety of colors
  • Can be cut to the unique shape of your pool

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Be sure you’re getting true pool solar blankets. There are some solar covers out there that are called “reflective coated solar covers”. These actually do the opposite in heating your pool. The reflective coat reflects the sun’s rays away from your pool.

If you want heat in your pool, be sure to look at a genuine solar cover for your pool.

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