Swimming Pool Solid Cover

Swimming pool solid cover and child water safety. Good information on safety tips and swimming pool area and aboveground and inground pool safety rules.

Solid pool covers are a great to protect your pool in areas of the country that may get some serious snow or rain.

A heavy duty above ground or inground pool cover is kind of the work-horse of the pool cover family.

They normally have an overhanging "skirt" with very strong tie-down loops that screw into the side support of the pool.

This gives the pool cover a very good and tight fit that you’ll probably won't need to worry about all Winter long. Some people choose to use a leaf or mesh pool cover over their solid pool cover.

Swimming Pool Solid Cover Safety

A solid pool cover is similar to mesh covers in that they can be secured to the deck by anchors. If you live in a part of the country that gets a lot of rain or snow, you may want to look twice at inground or above ground pool covers.

Mesh covers allow water to drain through, however, a solid pool cover may accumulate water, creating a puddle over the pool. This may make the cover sag a bit. It also might be a hazard to children or pets who find themselves on the cover.

Some manufacturers have put “drain panels” into solid vinyl covers.

You may also find some covers that have “cover pumps” that pump water off the cover as soon as water starts to accumulate.

These are mainly used for extended pool shut-downs and during the Winter months. When swimming season is on us, you might want a solar pool cover to help heat your pool.

Benefits Of Solid Winter Pool Covers

  • Prevents water, dirt and debris from getting into your pool
  • Minimal algae build-up because the cover blocks the sun which makes for an easy Spring start-up
  • Many come in a nice looking silver grey color or a solid forest green
  • Swimming pool solid cover should have a heavy-duty vinyl coat complete with cable and winch for easier installation
  • Warranty is pretty good, from 8-12 years. Some may go even longer with a 2 year full replacement
  • U.V. coating protects from the sun
  • Use for Winter shut-downs or for extended periods of non-use
  • Safety for children and pets
  • If you get a really nice one, well, they just look cool

Prices For Solid Swimming Pool Cover

Obviously the prices will vary depending on your pool size and shape. These are just round figures but will give you a close ball-park figure of what you may expect to pay for a rectangle swimming pool cover.

Pool Size Price
12' X 24' $920
14' X 30' $1000
16' X 32' $1100
16' X 36' $1200
18' X 36' $1300
20' X 40' $1400
20' X 44' $1500

Oval Pool Size Price
16' X 25' $140
15' X 30' $150
24' Round $80

Please remember that you cannot place a price on safety. If you don't purchase a swimming pool solid cover, drain your above ground pool and put it away. If you have an inground pool, please get a cover. 

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