Tabs to Liquid Chlorine

by Romeo

I have a service route here in south Texas...i want to only use liquid it more expensive or about the same when using chlorine tabs? love your videos! keep it up! God Bless!

Hi Romeo. Tabs and liquid chlorine are different in their applications and results. Tabs are meant to dispense 1 ppm FC per day so the FC doesn't bottom out. Liquid chlorine is used for weekly maintenance and super chlorination.

So to compare apples to apples, we would need to say how many tabs would equal 1 gallon of liquid chlorine, considering an average pool would use 2 ppm per day during the Summer. Please remember that this is also dependent upon pool usage and the proper pH and CYA range to make the FC the most effective it can be in the real world application.

An average 3" trichlor tab weighs approx. 7 oz. and would theoretically raise the FC 4 ppm per 10k gallons. 100 oz. of bleach at 6% would do the same per 10k gallons. Stronger bleach at 8.5% or liquid chlorine at 10 - 11% would use less per 10k gallons. To maintain that you would need to use equal amount of tabs, and keep adding them, because the FC will always decrease. An increase in tab use will also increase the CYA. Higher CYA will result in a partial drain and refill which might negate any possible short term savings by strictly using tabs.

You can take the price of the tabs you're currently using and divide by the amount of tabs in the bucket, then compare it to the cost of the sodium hypo % you're using (bleach or liquid chlorine).

Hope this helps.


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