Update On Sand Filter W/ Zeobrite..Possible Brown Algae

by Mike

Debris At Bottom Of Pool With Sand Filter Using Zeobrite Part 1

So I was thinking it is a problem with the filter since when I ran it on recycle it seemed better.

I called a person on Craigslist who had a filter cartridge for sale.

This is where I get really confused.

They told me the reason they bought the cartdrige is they were getting brown stuff at the bottom of the pool and were thinking it was from the DE filter they had so they switched to cartridge and had the same stuff at bottom with both filters.

She said they had to replace the liner to end the problem after spending tons of money on chemicals to get rid of the problem.

I told her that is exactly what is happening to me and she was kind enough to tell me not to waste my money.

She believed it was something like bacteria or algae either stuck in a seam in the liner or in the bottom drains which I have also.

She had a new liner installed and took the bottom drains out and hasn't had a problem since.

She said she originally had her pool 10 years and never experienced anything like this until last year and changing the liner was the only cure.

This liner is only 1.5 years old and would hate to have to get a new liner already.

Could this be bacteria or a brown algae and if algae it doesn't seem to come back to the same spots always finds a home in creases and seams of liner?

Maybe alive algae hiding somewhere like bottom drains and dying in pool then settling?

I know this is long but am so confused.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated as I'm tired of throwing money down the drain.



Thanks for the update Mike

I had 3 vinyl pools on my pool route in Arizona and honestly, from a purely maintenance standpoint, they are the most troublesome.

They look and feel good, but my preference has always been with either pebble tec or fiberglass.

It could be brown algae, although this kind of algae normally adheres to the walls and floor.

You first need to determine is the stains/brown spots are either organic or metals.

Here's a good post for that:

Brown Algae Won't Come Off Of A Vinyl Liner

If it is organic, you'll use what's called an Ascorbic Acid Treatment. The post above has that information.

For metals, you can refer to the post we've already had.

Debris At Bottom Of Pool With Sand Filter Using Zeobrite

This is the post that you'll want to read:

Vinyl Liner Has Dark Stains On Bottom

This has to do with a fungus seeping through the bottom of the vinyl liner.

The only way to fix it is to drain the pool, remove the liner, spray a fungicide, and replace the liner.

Not something that you'll want to hear, but this is one reason why I'm not a big fan of vinyl liners.

If the lady you talked to said the only thing that helped is to replace the liner, she more than likely had a fungus problem.

If she didn't use a fungicide and clean the area well, there's a high probability that it will return later on.

Hope this helps and keep me informed.


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