Is Using DE In My Sand Filter Good?

by Melissa

Can you put DE into a sand filter? I've been told it helps to filter better.

I am having trouble getting the water cleared up.

The sand was new in July of last year.

Thanks for the question Melissa

Yes you can use DE in a sand filter. Some people swear by it and others see no difference and think it's a waste of time and money.

You can try it. It certainly is neither harmful nor permanent.

Without knowing the size of sand filter your have or if it's an inground or above ground pool (most AGP filters are undersized) I'm at a loss.

But this will give you some normal guidelines.

Before going out and buying a bag of DE, maybe you have a friend who has a DE filter that can let you have some. This way you're not out much money, if anything.

Start with a cup of DE. First check your filter pressure.

Make a slurry of DE and water in a bucket and pour it slowly into the skimmer with pump on.

Then check filter pressure again.

If the pressure has increase more than 1 psi, you'll need to backwash and start over will 1/2 cup of DE.

If the pressure doesn't do anything, wait about 20 minutes and check it again.

If it's increased 1 psi, you're finished.

If not, you'll want to make another slurry of DE (1/2 cup) and water and pour that into the skimmer, then wait another 20 minutes.

Basically, you want to hit the increase of 1 psi from the pressure before you added the DE.

When you backwash, you lose most if not all of the DE and it will need to be replaced as before.

Backwash when your pressure get 8 - 10 psi over the 'just back washed" pressure.

You want to start slowly and work your way up.

Hope this helps and have a fun and safe Summer.


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Swimming Pool Sand Filter Degreaser

by Margaret

I put in a swimming pool sand filter cleaner/degreaser and left it overnight as instructed. I have gone out to backwash and rinse but nothing is happening. The pump noise is on but no pressure. When turned to backwash the pump noise remains but no pressure and no water coming out.

The same with the rinse and waste cycle. No pressure either when turned on to filter but the usual pump noise. All was o.k. before.

I am wondering if I put the cleaner in the correct place.!!!

Hope you can help.

Thanks for your question Margaret

I just recently de-greased both YMCA pool filters, and here's what I do.

First you need to be sure the pump motor is off. If you can you'll want to close the skimmer and bottom drain valve to have a filter tank full of water.

Open the lid to the pool sand filter, shake the bottle of de-greaser and pour it in the filter.

Open the skimmer and bottom drain valve to allow the de-greaser to soak into the sand filter media and let it sit overnight.

In the morning fill up the filter with water, prime the pump motor, and open the skimmer and bottom drain valve. This is to ensure there's enough water in the system.

You want to start in backwash mode because if you start in filter mode all the de-greaser will end up in the pool and you'll have a big mess on your hands.

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Allow your system to backwash for 1 -2 minutes or until the water is clear.

One of the best de-greasers is called "Filter Fresh". I've always used it and it seems to work every time.

Hope this helps

All the best


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