Use of two filters

by Gerry

I have been using a sand filter on and above ground pool and I recently purchased a cartridge type (Hayward Xstream). My question is whether I can put the cartridge system in line with the sand filter and get better filtration? Your advice is appreciated.

Hi Gerry. If I'm reading the question correctly, you want to have one pump motor and 2 filters. Is that correct? I would be hesitant in doing that. The pump motor is made to push the water through the filter in what is known as gallon per minute, or GPM.

It's gauged according to many factors such as the size of the pool, GPM, plumbing, filter size, Total Dynamic Head, resistance, etc... It's a huge mathematical equation when dealing with this.

By adding another filter you're adding another layer of resistance to the return size. The filtration properties might diminish when doing this.

Your best alternative would be to contact your pool manufacturer and ask specific questions about what you want to do and accomplish.



Thanks very much for your reply. You are correct in that what I wanted to do was use the second filter as an in-line unit to catch any debris that the sand filter was allowing to pass. I hadn't considered the extra load that it would put on the pump. Thanks again for you help.

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