Water Coming Out Backwash Hose During Filtration

by Kim
(Greenville, MS)




I just replaced my backwash valve within the past year.

I noticed my water level kept dropping and started looking for why, which is when I noticed a steady stream coming out of the backwash hose.

I read your response to others with this same problem.

I keep going to online diagrams of my sand filter and I see an O-ring under the valve, but no spider ring.

Where is it located?

Also, is it loose or glued in?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Thanks for the question Kim

There are a few uploaded pictures of what a spider gasket is and the location.

It's this that causes alot of problems for pool owners that have sand filters.

A little dirt or debris, or if the Multiport valve is tightened a little too much, it will squish together, and leak.

It fits underneath the Multiport valve.

Use a good lube such as:


Jack's Lube

Pool Filter Multiport Valve Gasket Sealant

Pool Filter O-Ring Gasket Valve Lube Sealant 1.75 Oz bottle.

I'm, not a big fan of gluing gaskets or O-rings into place.

When it comes time to clean them or replace them, you're going to need to carve it out and run the risk of chipping or breaking the surrounding plastic.

A good thick layer of lube and gentle touch is all you need to secure it in place.

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Hope this helps and have a great Summer.


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Sand Filter Works But Will Not Backwash

(Sudbury, Ontario, Canada)

I have a Hayward sand filter for my above ground pool. I`ve just replaced the sand. The system works on filter but the pressure quickly (4 hours) dropped from around 13 psi to 10 psi.

The main problem is that the filter will not backwash. When I place the valve in the backwash position, there is no pressure and no water coming out of the backwash line.

Thanks for the question

Has the top valve been taken apart? If it has, the postion of the inside diverter may not have been replaced correctly. Be sure that the solid portion of the diverter is lined up with the 'Closed" port on the valve. Once this is done everything else should be lined back up in the correct position.

Dropping pressure could indicate no water entering the pump. Empty the skimmer basket and the pump basket. Does the Multiport valve "click" into position? If it doesn't, the valve might be worn out. Also, check the spider gasket in the Multiport valve and replace if needed. The compression plate and compression spring might be going as well.


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