What & Where? (Buying Pool Chemicals)

by William
(Green Cove Springs Fl. USA)

First off, your site & videos are very helpful.

I have owned above ground pools for over 25 years but just recently installed a in-ground pool, I been in the construction business for many years
and know your right about building one. Best to finance one though cause its easier to hold contractor accountable for mistakes, and believe me they make many! Anyway here is what I would like to know is inside info what list could you provide for buying Pool chemicals for maintaining the pool.

I have a Chlorine Feeder & Hybrid Ozone, Cartridge filter. So I use to use HTH brand Chlorine and stabilizer, and soda ash and a few others, got it all at Walmart, Now it seems everything cost more and so many to chose from suckering you to spend your saving up. I like to save some money any just want the basic stuff to keep everything in check. Where should I go and what brands work best, actuality if your company was to buy supplies for a pool like mine and take care of it what would be purchased & from who?

Also I am sure bulk may help, Maybe to make this easy what chemicals did you keep on your truck? Thanks, hope you can help us pool people out on saving some money. WMS from Florida.

Hi William and thanks for the compliment. There are many ways to save money on pools. Chemicals are just one component. You can use baking soda to increase the TA and 20 Mule Team Borax and/or Arm and Hammer Washing Soda to increase the pH. Much cheaper than pH Up from the pool store. Costco has 13 lb. bags
of baking soda for about $8. That's the cheapest I can find. Publix has good prices on Borax and AH Washing Soda, as does Walmart. For other items such as dry acid and tabs you can look online and compare prices. Many times they're cheaper because the middle-man has been cut out.

Keeping your chemicals in the proper range will also save money. Too high or low CYA and the chlorine becomes less effective, costing more money because you'll be adding twice as much. This is called chlorine demand..

Using a solar cover will decrease the evaporation and keep chemical costs down. Variable speed pumps can reduce the electricity use by 30 - 50%. Use a good pool cleaner. This keeps dirt to a minimum and can help reduce chlorine demand. You can take advantage of Pinch A Penny sales to stock up. They run specials during the season.

I've written extensively about how to save money on pool chemicals. The eBook is called 42 Money Saving Tips For Your Swimming Pool which is free with a purchase of any other eBook.

Clean Pool & Spa Resources

You can also use liquid chlorine and/or bleach. Walmart's gallon chlorine is $2.50. One pound of calcium hypochlorite is about $4, and sometimes more. You live in FL as I do so I can assume your fill water is hard. You should NOT be using any kind of granular chlorine such as calcium hypo. This will raise the hardness and pH of your water. Higher pH means more acid being used to reduce it.

Change your cartridge filter every 2000 - 2500 filter hours. You cannot clean dirty water with a dirty filter.

Hope this helps


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Apr 23, 2016
Pool Type Peble
by: Anonymous

Still waiting for our pool school here to show us about the total care, but pool tech was talking about not using liquid chlorine. He said that it was harder on the finish so I I'll wait and see what they say.

I have a solar heater and heat pump also it has a screen room in so that also keep out a lot of dirt as well as a in floor cleaner by Jandy, with Variable speed pump, so that should all so be easier to keep clean. On the drinking water;side.

Also looked up reviews on Amazon, they didn't look to good on there about the water treatment solution from Japan. It also was less there. I use a Zero water filter ever since I moved here. Great tasting Home made spring water we have. Best filter I have found so far. Thanks again, WMS

The pool tech is probably mistaken. When added correctly bleach and liquid chlorine are safe to use and won't bleach anything out. The issue is sodium hypochlorite is heavier than water and sinks to the bottom. Pool owners don't sweep after applications so it bleaches out. You can also dilute in a bucket filled 1/2 with pool water, stir, then walk around the perimeter of the pool and sweep.

I've taken care and cleared up hundreds of pools since 1999 and I've never bleached anything out using liquid chlorine. Don't blame the bat for the batter who strikes out.

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