What's The Average Cost Of Pool Installation

by Raymond

My wife and I are thinking about putting in a pool this Summer but we're a little scared about the prices, along with the general upkeep and pool maintenance costs.

Any suggestions about this? Anything we need to know about the cost of pool installation before we start digging up our yard?

I heard they're about $30,000 for a good swimming pool, but I'm not sure.


Thanks for your question

There are benefits of having an inground swimming pool. Most people are like you and are concerned about the cost of a pool.

I've answered these questions before and I know each situation is different, but it comes down to this: What do you want in a swimming pool?

If you're planning on staying in your house for along time, probably an inground swimming pool would be your best bet. There are many loan options for pools right now, so look around and see which one is the best for you and your budget.

Lots of people are very happy with their in ground swimming pools for the reasons in the above link. So the question is what do you want and what can you afford? If you do take a loan out for the cost of pool installation, you'll probably want to pay it off as quickly as possible.

Just remember to use your head and not allow the emotions of getting a swimming pool overtake you. You can always go back to this site and these links to understand how to best take care of your new pool.

Swimming Pool Chemistry

Swimming Pool Tips

Good luck with your pool


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Need Help Financing An Above Ground Pool With Decking

by Crystal

I have bad credit due to my husbands passing a few yrs back. I i have children and young grand-kids and I would like to get an above ground pool put in with nice decking.

I bring home good money can you please refer me to company that would be willing to finance me. Its getting really frustrating trying to find someone to approve me.

Thank you.

Thanks for your question Crystal

I'm the last one to tell people that pools aren't a good idea. I've been taking care of them since 1999. But there's a big but....

I've found that when people want a pool and are trying to force the issue it can turn out badly. As the first links says a pool is a bit harder to repossess. This is mainly for inground pools. If payments are not made on an above ground pool it can be repossessed or liens can be placed on the owner.

Buying a pool is emotional, however, you need to consider each aspect of owning a pool. That's what my site is about, the full picture, from water to balancing chemicals, repairs, financing, and pretty much everything in between.

Time spent cleaning and taking chem readings normally runs about 30 - 40 minutes per week, on average. Then there's the extra cost of electricity, chems, and repairs. A pool can nickel and dime you. I charged $35 service call just to show up, then $75 per hour on my pool route in Arizona.

I'm not trying to talk you out of getting a pool, just don't allow emotions and wanting to give your grandchildren a wonderful pool to rule your decision.


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