Why Does My Kreepy Krauly Have No Suction?

by Dannie
(Denton, TX)

The line that I hook my Creepy Crawler to has very little suction.

How would I clean the underground line, to see if there is something in the line?

Thanks for the question Dannie

You should start by emptying the pump basket of any debris. Be sure the filter has been backwashed. If you have a cartridge filter, clean them out.

Here are some ways to see the amount of suction your unit has:

Pull apart the last hose connected to the Kreepy Krauly. Hold the hose under water and feel the amount of suction.

If you have good suction, the cleaner has good suction as well. If there's weak suction, this could be the problem.

Work backward to the pool pump. First check the in-line leaf trap. Make sure it's empty. Next, is to check the skimmer basket and pump basket to be sure they're clean and clear of debris.

A clog will restrict your water flow.

While the pump is running, check to see if you have a good prime and water is moving in the pump pot. You need good water flow through the entire filter system.

If you have good suction through the system, your Kreepy might be clogged with debris. This restricts the flapper from moving.

Just a little debris can cause this to happen. Turn the pump off and take the Kreepy out of the pool and closely inspect it. You can flush any kind of debris out with a hose.

Hope this helps and have a fun and safe swimming season.


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