Why Does The Salt Level In My Pool Keep Increasing?

by Angela

We have a salt generator, and it keeps increasing the salt level when we haven't added salt.

We drained some of the water and added fresh water, it got to the right level and then it started to go up again without us adding salt.

Do you know what is causing this?

Thanks for the question Angela

I would first ask you what range is your salt (salinity)?

Most salt generators required a range of somewhere between 3000 - 4800ppm.

Next is how are you testing the salt? Are you using the salt cell, the control box, or a salinity meter?

The one I use for the YMCA pool (80,000 gallon) is a Myron Salinity Analog Meter. You can see a picture of it here:

Salt Water Swimming Pools

Salinity, just like chlorine, cannot go up without adding a product to the pool.

Perhaps if you're using a tremendous amount of sodium bicarb. or another product that contains salt, but the salt level in a pool simply can't go up by itself.

It needs an outside source of salt to increase the level.

I would encourage you to get a hand-held salinity meter and test the pool water against the reading you get with the salt generator.

You can use Hayward Goldline GLX-SALTMETER and calibration solution (GLX-CAL-SOL Calibration solution for salt meters, 3200-ppm).

Also, if you can, be sure your chlorine generator is calibrated correctly as well.

You might need to clean the cell.

How Do You Clean A Salt Water Cell?

Why Do I Have To Clean My Salt Cell So Much

You can also take a sample of pool water into your local pool store for a salt analysis.

If you check the salinity with the cell, then check it manually, then your pool store, you should have a good base line and measurement.

This will be three tests and will weed out any inconsistencies.

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Swimming Pool Questions and Answers

Check back to this post for answers.

Hope this helps and have a great Summer.


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How Much Energy Does A Salt Chlorine Generator Use?

Considering the switch to salt chlorine generator but concerned about the energy required.

For a small 10k gallon pool used a couple times a month about how many kilowatts is typical?

If that is hard to estimate/guess perhaps how many watts does the generator use when making chlorine (100 W)? I can try to calculate from percent on time and pump run time...

Thanks for all the great info on the website!

Thanks for the question and the compliment

There are many variables when considering the electrical usage of a salt chlorinator. Things such as time of year and time of day have to be considered.

In Arizona, for example, electricity costs more during the Summer in mid-day. Everyone is using their air conditioners. Not so much in the Winter. On peak and off peak hours.

Check out these posts as well:

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To the best of my knowledge, a good high-rate salt cell such as Purity say their salt chlorine generators cost 50 to 90% less to operate than other systems. They use a low output voltage of 5 VDC and high efficiency switching power supplies.

So, for a 12 hour day, for a month, at $.10 per kilowatt hour, is $1.45. 80% of the energy is heat. This heat is transferred to the pool water to help heat the pool.

Most salt generators would use about the same as two 100W conventional light bulbs.

If you run your salt cell for 6 hours per day, that translates to 1200WHR of use, or 1.2 KWH per day.

In many parts of the country, this would be $3 - $4 per month.

During that same period, a 1HP in-ground pool pump would have cost about $30 to operate.

Hope this answers your question. Have a great and safe swimming season.

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