Winterization Pool In Medford, Oregon

by Tap
(Medford, Oregon)

My pool guy did not do the winterization. He comes once a month in winter to check the water, clean leaves and cover the pool (automatic cover).

He sets the pump runs for 10 hours. Did he do it right?

I have a feeling that he's not doing his job right. Should I look for another pool guy? We only use the pool in winter or spring. Only use it from June to September. Any ideas will be very much appreciated.

Thanks for the question Tap

I want to first clarify some things. The question says your pool guy didn't winterize the pool. Was he supposed to winterize it, or do you keep the pool open, but not use it? By phrasing your question as you did, should I assume the pool guy should have closed the pool, but didn't?

If he should have closed it, then I'll need to know specifically what he did or didn't do.

Next, it says he comes in once a month to check the water (which is good if the pool has not been closed), remove leaves off the cover, and cover the pool. I will assume the pool cover stays on all the time and is kept that way to keep leaves and debris out of the pool.

If you keep the pool open during the Winter, the water should be tested at least every 2 weeks. Doing this once per month is, in
my opinion, too long. Here a some questions I've answered about that:

Cold Weather Question For A Salt Pool That Runs Year Round

Winter Chemical Levels

I think the next part could be a typo. It says "We only use the pool in winter or spring. Only use it from June to September." I will assume it means you closed it for the Winter and use it from June - September.

Without a little more information it would be difficult for me to say whether the pool guy has done his job. There are too many assumptions on my part. When the question asks if he did it right, do you mean the winterization or regular Winter maintenance with a pool?

Normally when a pool is closed for the Winter the pump doesn't run and everything is closed up, including covering the pool. But the question states the pump runs for 10 hours per day. If the pool is kept open during the Winter, but not in use, the pump should only need to be run for about 4 - 6 hours per day.

If you could clarify the questions above and give me more information, I'm sure I can help.

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Jan 18, 2015
Winterizing The Pool
by: Anonymous

Yes you are right. it's a typo. We don't use pool in winter or spring. Pool is closed. I want him to winterization the pool.

Thank you for your fast reply.


Alright, so we know the pool guy should have closed the pool. If the pool is closed, the filter should be drained and stored away for the Winter. The pool needs to have a tight cover over it and there's no reason the check the water. The pump motor doesn't need to run.

From the information you gave, it sounds to me like he didn't do the job right. If the pump is going, that means water is flowing through the system, which means he didn't blow the lines out. If you get a good freeze, the water may freeze in the lines, causing the lines to burst. The water can also freeze inside the filter, which means the pressure can back up and ruin the filter and burn up the motor.

If I were you I would start asking some questions. If you paid him to close the pool, that's what he should have done, but from what I can gather from the information you provided, he didn't do that.

Hope this helps and let me know what it turns out for you.


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