Winterizing with ALGECIDE - Above Ground Salt Water Pool

by Brad Navarra
(Kapuskasing, Ontario Canada)

First let me say your website is very imformative and I have bookmarked it.

I purchased a home in Northern Canada in May with a SALT WATER (Aqua Trol) ABOVE GROUND pool. I had old owner show me how to "open" the pool. I am now planning on getting ready for winterizing it. Winters here getting extremely cold (-30C).

Your website has made everything absolutely clear except I need clarification on 1 thing. He never put winterizing chemicals in and I know you should as it makes spring opening 'easier'.

When he showed me in May how to open it, there was some "greenish" tinge to the water but wasnt bad at all, but anything I can do to make next years pool opening easier, I welcome.

At last my question...

Can I pour algecide in a salt water pool that uses a salt water generator (I know I must remove the cell for winter).

If I can, how much should I pour in and also what kind (I read that you shouldn't use metal based alegcides in pools that use Salt Water Generators). He left behind a load of Aquarius #3 Liquid Alegicide. Is that fine to use in a salt water pool over the winter?

Once again thanks for a great website... it has proved invaluable to me as a first time "pool owner"

Best regards

Brad Navarra

Thanks for the compliment Brad.

That's why I put up this site about 3 years ago, to help pool owners takes care of their pools.

The first thing about closing a pool for the Winter is to close it as late as you can and open it as early as you can. Algae needs a warm moist environment to spread. Many pool owners close their pools way too soon, sometimes by the first week of September. The temperature can still reach into the 80s. If you have a pool that's covered and it's still warm, you will have a mess in the Spring.

This page tells you what you need to do in order to get your pool ready for Winter:

Pool Winterization

Remember to get all of your chemicals in line and give the pool a good shock as late as you can, then winterize it.

"Winterizing" chemicals are basically nothing more than regular chemicals. It just sounds fancy so people like to buy alot of it. Again, the big thing is to close late, a good shock, and open early.

You can use an algaecide when winterizing your pool. Understand that an algaecide is preventative maintenance of a pool, it won't get rid of algae once you have it.

A good algaecide is a PolyQuat 60. This contains no metals and is safe for vinyl liners. You should never use a metal based algaecide. The main metal used is copper. Most pool guys who have actually taken care of pools will recommend PolyQuat 60.

This link shows what can happen when a lower algaecide is used in a pool with a vinyl liner:

Sticky Pool Algaecide On Vinyl Liner

A pool that has been properly treated through the Summer and has no algae, you'll use 8 - 10 oz. of algaecide per 10,000 gallons.

If there's some visible algae, use 15 - 20 oz. of algaecide.

Hope this helps and good luck closing your pool for the Winter.

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Check back to this post for updates or answers.

Hope this helps and have a great Summer.


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