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Clear Blue Pool:  Easy Pool Water Guide To Save You Money

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Learn from a real pool guy. You've seen my videos on my site and on YouTube. You've seen me clear up some really nasty pools. You can have the a crystal clear pool just like all of my customers. When I walk away from a pool it's always perfect. And that information can be found in these eBooks.

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Enjoy the benefits of:

  • A crystal clear pool
  • Less maintenance
  • Less chemical usage 
  • Family fun and socializing
  • Convenience
  • Enjoying the Summer months
  • Stress relief
  • Learning from a real pool guy with proven results & experience

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Everything you need to know to have the perfect pool all Summer long.

Testimonies From Real Pool Owners

From Myra, SA Texas 

Robert, Thank you so much for your advice and your sharing your knowledge/expertise. After constant googling and online research, all of your advice seem to sincerely come from a place to help people manage their pools, safely, most economically, and wisely. You are genuine in your desire to help and break it all down in a simple, understandable way. I truly appreciate that! My CYA is still high, BUT we will be draining the pool, have some calls out to recommended certified pool people. I will recommend your site, to everyone I know and darn I wish you lived in San Antonio!!!! :)

From Jill

Thank your Robert for all of your help!! Your knowledge and expertise saved me hundreds already!!

From David in California

After reading your eBook I took your advice and stopped using the chlorine that was causing my problems. The guys at the pool store didn't even know this stuff. Thanks for writing in such a way that anyone can understand how to take care of their pool.

From Maria in Arizona

OMG Robert, I can't thank you enough for your eBook!! I was going round and round, pulling my hair out, and trying to figure out this pool situation -  lol. I took your advice and within a matter of a couple of days I could see the bottom of the deep end once more. The next day the pool was totally cleared up. Best decision I made was getting your eBook. Now I know. Thanks a million!!

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