Basic Swimming Pool Care

Simple Swimming Pool Care Guide & Pool Water Chemistry. Expert Info. On Salt Water Pools, Above Ground and Inground Pool Maintenance, Filters & Common Mistakes To Avoid.

Whether for salt water pool systems, an above ground or inground, or a general understanding of chlorine chemistry, cloudy pool water, or the best swimming pool test kit, get the pool maintenance you deserve.

Phone Consultation Video Taken By A Customer In New Mexico. Results After Only One Day Of My F.T.A. Process.

Real Pool Owners. Real Pools. Real Results.

Jimmie's Pool (Seen Below) Went From Cloudy Green To Perfectly Balanced & Clear Within Days Using My F.T.A Process From A Personal Phone Consultation.

swimming pool care, basic pool care, above ground pool maintenance, inground, salt water, green pools, algae green swimming pool

You Can Also Find My F.T.A. Process In My eBooks

swimming pool care, basic pool care, above ground pool maintenance, inground, salt water, green pools, algae green swimming pool

These pool tips will allow you to become an expert at taking care of your pool!!

See videos of a murky green/black pool going crystal clear in a matter of days!! A great video series "From Green To Clean!!

Check Those Videos Out Right Here!!

I started this website back in 2008 with the intention of helping pool owners have the best pool at the lowest cost possible.

I was getting so many emails, questions and phone calls about pools not being clear and balanced.

I heard their frustration at having spent so much time and money and still not being able to enjoy their pool. There are numerous variables that can cause your water to be green, cloudy, unbalanced, etc.. and it seems there are 10 products for each problem. It's easy to become confused. Most resort to going to their local pool supply store for answers.

swimming pool care, basic pool care, green pool water, green swimming pool, algae green water, cloudy pool water

These stores are a great resource for buying the supplies you need, but are usually not a good source of technical information. Pool store employees rarely have had pool maintenance experience to pull from and can only help you choose from the products they have available. They are doing their best, but they are limited.

Pool owners take this information and follow the procedures to the letter yet get short-lasting or no results.  Why? The average pool store employee is better at symptom management than getting rid of the cause.

I spend hundreds of hours on this site and have written this ebook as a means of helping you find the cause. I don't sell chemicals or cleaning services, so you can trust that the information I give you is designed to help you clear up your pool as cheaply and quickly as possible.

Knowledge is power. I believe when someone is given the RIGHT information they'll do the RIGHT thing and get the RIGHT results. It's that simple. 

Trouble Free & No Problem Swimming Pool Care

YOUR swimming pool chemistry is of the utmost importance. Routine steps are critical to ensure your pool is running at peak efficiency.

Pool Owner Results From My eBooks

swimming pool care, basic pool care, above ground pool maintenance, inground, salt water, green pools, algae green swimming pool

With these basic swimming pool care instructions you will learn about:

  • Cartridge Pool Filter Maintenance, Sand, & DE Filters
  • Cloudy Swimming Pool
  • Green Pool Water & Prevention 
  • Pool Water Test Kits & the Best One To Buy
  • Pool Alkalinity, Pool pH, Chlorine, etc...
  • All Kinds Of Heating Such As An Electric Pool Heater
  • Swimming Pool Fountains
  • Swimming Pool Ideas
  • Pool Stabilizer, Dichlor, pH Reducer, Granular Chlorine, Chlorine Tabs, Alkalinity Increaser, Pool Filter Cleaner
  • Swimming pool leaks detection
  • Swimming pool renovation
  • Swimming pool repairs
  • Pool cleaning services

And much more...

I've personally cleared up and have taken care of hundreds of pools in Arizona and Oregon since starting in the pool business in 1999. And I was the pool operator for the YMCA in Oregon starting in 2008.

I'll walk you through ways to keep your pool looking its best and to keep that swimming pool algae and green pool water away from you forever.

If I can do this for their pools imagine what I can do for your swimming pool care and maintenance. As always, I'm available to answer your questions via email and for personal phone consultations. Be sure the check out the Testimonial page as well.

swimming pool care, basic pool care, above ground pool maintenance, inground, salt water

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