How Long Do I Need To Wait Before Swimming After Adding Pool Chemicals

by Lois

How Long Do I Need To Wait Before Swimming After Adding Pool Chemicals

How long should I wait to go swimming after adding any of my swimming pool chemicals. I've heard different stories from different people.

I've heard you can swim immediately, but some people say to wait 15 - 30 minutes, and some say even longer, like 10 - 12 hours. I want to be safe, so here it goes:

1. Pool Chlorine
2. Muriatic Acid/Pool
3. Sodium Bibarbonate
4. Soda Ash/pH Up
5. Calcium Hardness Increaser/Raise
6. Alkalinity Increase/Decreaser
7. Any kinds of Pool Algaecides
8. Pool water pH increaser/decrease

Thanks for your help. Kid's Never Liked It When I Told Them This

Thanks for your question Lois.

Most pool owners want a complete run-down about this topic. Go to Clear Blue Pool eBook for much more information. It's the best on the internet and will answer all of your question in detail.

This is a popular question so here it goes. To increase your swimming pool total alkalinity level you can use sodium bicarbonate which is nothing more than baking soda.
It's safe to swim immediately after adding it to your pool. To increase calcium hardness you'll need calcium chloride. You can swim 2 hours after adding, but if you can, allow for one
full turn-over of the water. This is mainly is you're making an adjustment to the pool water. A turn-over is a full and complete filtration of all of the swimming pool water.

A pool shock is a different story. It's not necessarily a time factor but when the pool chlorine level gets down to a safe level, about 2-4 ppm. The swimming pool chlorine level
normally takes a few days to reach a safe level. If you need it faster you can use a product called Thiosulphate which is a pool chlorine neutralizer.

You can get this at any pool supply store. For other chemicals a 2 hour wait should be fine but for the best water quality, one complete turn-over. Some people say 30 minutes, but I've always
error on the side of caution. If you pour muriatic acid in the pool and swim within 10 - 15 minutes you might get a "hot spot" of acid that can burn you. 30 minutes after adding muriatic or dry
acid would be safe.

Hope this helps and all the best with your pool

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