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Pool Care Testimonies

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From Hillary

Pool is finally clear and took $53 in chlorine as opposed to $1567 we spent and got nowhere. Thank you!! It's completely clear which shows us it's stained badly from neglect. I'm going to try the Jacks Magic you recommended. You saved my sanity and another grand for nothing!! 

From Jennifer

Hi Robert. Just wanted to let you know that the pool is clear now and has been for a few days. The filter is working great and the chemicals are staying balanced. Just wanted to thank you again for all your help. Sending our before and after pictures too. Thanks again

From Edward

I downloaded your eBook restoring a swamp and it worked.  I also watched your YouTube video on one pool and the process.  I'll tell you that my pool made the you tube pool look clean to start.  I bought a house where the pool wasn't used for 2 years and is surrounded by pasture.  25 wheelbarrow loaded of muck and 3 weeks later it's ready to swim.   And everyone thought I was crazy....

From Matt in Minnesota

I believe our pool troubles are behind us.  We have been entertaining family and friends the past couple weekends and we have been very busy.  I just wanted to send you a couple pictures and let you know our readings are right in line now.  I'll continue to fine tune the chemicals throughout the rest of the swim season but my wife and I are fully confident we can take care of the pool the right way now. I'll send a couple more pictures once we have a clear, sunny day so it can really stand out as completely clear and clean.  From our heavy storms, the pool started to cloud up again but the readings looked good.  I quickly did the things you taught me in our consult and eBooks. Overnight, the pool cleared up again and just goes to show your methods really work.  Thank you again for all your help and hope you and your family are well.  I know we are.

From Jason

Robert helped me tremendously with my pool. It hadn't been maintained by the previous owners for 2 years and was disgusting. There was algae, gunk, frogs and debris in it. After the local pool company left me hanging, Robert helped me learn how to operate and clean my pool. It went from green to crystal clear in about a week, and I saved hundreds in chemical costs following Robert's advice. Thanks for all your help Robert!! 

From Tammy

I can't say thanks enough. The pool looks fantastic. We had my daughters swim party yesterday and the pool was wonderful. I couldn't have done without your help. I am so appreciative. 

Thanks again,

From Tom & Tasha

Hi Robert. First of all I want to thank you for all your help and knowledge. Here are pictures of are pool through the process. Thank you again it took us about 4 days to get it back to clear. Our pool is doing great and we can actually see the bottom drain now! We are very thrilled to finally have an understanding on how to use the chemicals, thank you so much for all your help!! 

My husband was at the pool store yesterday sharing info about you to other customers lol! I think that says a lot!  My husband should be sending you over some photos of the pool from start to finish.  Green, cloudy and then clear today.  Everything seems to be working great and I think all of our questions up to this point have been answered, but if so in the future, can we hang on to that 1/2 hr time slot we have left in case we need it?  I think we spent around $65-$70 to get the pool back to clear, plus the $50 spent on the Taylor test kit, but we also have chemicals left over so we will be in good shape starting the swimming season.  I hope that I can shoot you an email in the future if I have anymore questions? Thanks again for everything!!

Tom and Tasha Simpson

From Sonia

I cannot thank you enough for sharing your knowledge!!  I feel like I have a pretty good idea of what I'm doing now!!  Before it was all trial and error!!  And I gave up on the pool stores long ago!! Thank you sooo much Robert for all your help and patience!!!  So many people complain about their pools, the upkeep, etc, but I love my pool and I really enjoy taking care of it. And now there's no guessing with the FTA method!! You're a genius!  Thanks a million!

Well Robert, 

I won! Pool is open and everything is in fine shape. Thank you for all of your help! Once I got that filter sand replaced it really shaped up quickly. Now I know how not to abuse my filter and my pool, I expect many happier hours spent in the water. Not sure you can do much with it as an example but I can tell you, I did this all with your FTA methodology. Not a single oz of Floc, Clarifier, Algaecide, or bag shock.

Thank you from my entire family!

From Fatima

Robert you're amazing. I hate people that pretend they know what they are doing and sounds like an expert, like the ones in Leisure World Pool Store, asking us to dump 12 gallons of chlorine one time ! You, on the other hand Robert, are a real expert. You listen and give advice and are unbelievably knowledgeable, as we told you are like Cesar Milan from Dog whisperer... :) Nothing is impossible. Thanks for everything. We enjoyed talking with you and listening to your advice!

From Luwanda

Good morning Robert, I hope that you are well. I am attaching the results of the pool sample I took to the other pool store....you can see the "big difference" in results AND ABSOLUTELY NOTHING was added to the pool between test. So who do I trust? I'm so finished spending $400 at the pool store and getting nowhere. such a rip-off. Anyway, I am also sending a pic from this morning showing the pretty clear water. Thank you for ALL your help! You have been a real treasure!! I feel that my story is identical to Blaze in Minnesota, except that his pool is much newer.

Now that I have it "swim ready" I don't want to "undo" all that work. Thank you so much for being there to help pool owners get control of their pool!!

Have a Great Day and Happy Swimming!

From Dave in California

I live in CA and initially contacted Robert out of desperation because my pool was pine needle green. I didn't know what I was doing with my pool, and no matter how much chlorine I added to my pool algae kept growing. I added a copper algecide at twice the required dose and ended up with a green swamp! I was also using chlorine tablets which were doing more harm than good.

Robert taught me pool chemistry, helped identify my problem and possibly remedies. My pool water was chemically polluted and required a drain and refill. Since CA is in a major drought, drain and refill is not allowed so Robert and I decided to try RO which was miraculous to say the least. Robert knows his stuff!

From Rick

I have been reading your tips for a couple of years! I have been wanting to donate for sometime and have been procrastinating! I have had a pool for 13 years. I was doing fairly well on my own the first 10 years. I replaced the liner in 2013 and listened to a pool place on getting all my chemicals up to par. I had the place I bought the pool originally help me with the first fill when it was new.

So I was a little intimidated as to how to start with new fill water after replacing the liner. Well that was a mistake due to they had me add stabilizer. Which I had never done before. I always used the 3 inch pucks and powdered shock. I never had a problem before I assume due to back washing and refilling. Well you know what happened that year when I over stabilized.

Drained the pool down over 1/2 and refilled (this sucks when you are on a well). Anyway that taught me a lesson. I started doing research and found your site. I am very thankful for you sharing your knowledge and will most likely donate some more as the budget allows.

Funny story: I took test water to a pool store today. Due to I am out of some reagents in my Taylor test kit you recommended (I have ordered new reagents). Their test showed all chemicals were great! I then told them I was using straight liquid chlorine and that I was using 1/2 gallon of chlorine per day (26,000 gallon pool). They told me I was doing it wrong.

Said I should shock the pool all at once and that the way I am doing it works but I'm using way more chlorine than if I add it all at once. So I ask how much chlorine I should use. They said 5 gallons per week but all 5 gallons at once. So do the math. I am using 14 gallons every 28 days.

Their way I would use 20 gallons in 28 days!!!! I will just continue to research your site and test my own water thank you. Oh also I have had many many people over the years comment on how clear my pool is compared to others they know.

So the donation was for my appreciation of you spreading your great knowledge! And the eBook.

And I also buy my chlorine at Rural King for $7.99 for a case of 4 gallons. Pool store I think is $16.99 for a case of 4 gallons. Oh yes and they are both 10% chlorine. I buy nothing but algaecide from pool store. And I have used a total of 14 ounces of that since opening my pool in late April. I used to add 7 ounces per week. But I read where you said that was not necessary so I quit doing it!

And I also buy my chlorine at Rural King for $7.99 for a case of 4 gallons. Pool store I think is $16.99 for a case of 4 gallons. Oh yes and they are both 10% chlorine. I buy nothing but algaecide from pool store. And I have used a total of 14 ounces of that since opening my pool in late April. I used to add 7 ounces per week. But I read where you said that was not necessary so I quit doing it!

Thanks again for a great service! I hope you are rewarded well and often! Thank you for a GREAT service.

From Blaise

If you're reading this, you most likely have some sort of pool problem, as did I. I'll give you the bottom-line first by saying the articles, videos, and personal consultation here are all TOP-NOTCH! If you want a combination of the best looking, easiest to maintain, lowest cost pool then this IS the only pool website you need.

A pool should be fun, and quite frankly before finding this website my pool wasn’t. Weekly, sometimes more, trips to the pool store for readings and/or chemicals caused my pool to become another household chore, rather than a place to relax and unwind. Every week I was adding this or that to bring my pool chemistry levels up or down.

I decided to take control, and started by reading the articles and watching the videos. All are very informative, and during the videos it's not hard to see that Robert is passionate about pools.

Once I read and watched everything I was confident I had the knowledge to PROPERLY maintain and ENJOY my pool in an easy and cost effective way. More importantly, I could break away from my dependence on the pool store; to include their inaccurate readings and over-priced/unnecessary chemicals.

The "icing on the cake" was the personal consultation; it's the best pool decision I've made since becoming an owner. Robert listened to all of my frustrations, and made sure I had the information I needed to not only solve my present algae problem, but to able to keep future water chemistry problems from occurring in the first place. After the consult, my follow-up questions/concerns were answered promptly via e-mail. The entire experience was more than well worth the price of the donation!

From Dave

Hi Robert.

Today the kids got in the pool ... something we never accomplished all of last year. Thank you so much for all of your assistance through the process and for being so generous with your time and timely responses! I've learned a ton and have developed some good habits in the meantime ...like testing with my Taylor K-2006 kit daily and being in control as I'm aware of what is going on with my pool. If you don't mind, I may be in touch occasionally to ask a question or two. 

Take care and thanks so much! You were a godsend. :) 


From Ron in Wisconsin

Can't thank Robert enough! Over the weekend of July 4th, 2015, my wife and I were away from our home with relatives in the northern part of Wisconsin. We enjoyed ourselves immensely over that weekend, but when we returned home, we found our pool in pretty bad shape, having been subjected to an invasion of green (possibly mustard) algae. This was my own fault, since I never really paid much attention to the chemical levels in the pool and the accurate readings that must be maintained for a healthy pool.

I figured as long as the water was clear, regardless of what my "chem strips" told me, I was doing okay. I would toss an occasional tablet in the floater, backwash and check my skimmer basket, and sometimes throw a bag of "shock" in it, mostly to feel like I was doing something.

Well, this algae had gotten the upper hand on me and I wasn't quite sure how to fight it. I Googled it and found many variations on how to return my pool to clear, but in viewing many of the sites, they also mentioned that, while your pool may clear up, the underlying problem was still there.

Then I came across Robert's information that  he has on the Internet. I bought his 2 ebooks, since I was convinced that he had the method which would actually work to fix the dilemma I found myself in; a sick pool and all my grand kids wondering why they couldn't come over and swim in it!

When I was unsure of what to expect with certain responses that I saw to my toying with the chemistry for the first time in a measured, reasonable and calculated fashion, I thought I'd ask Robert via email some simple questions. I did not expect a reply quickly, since I figured he's a busy guy and can't take time out of his busy schedule to respond to some stranger 1000 miles away in Wisconsin.

Much to my surprise, he responded very quickly, and not in just a token manner either. He took the time to explain and walk me through what to expect, when to do certain things, and especially to hold to the F.T.A. method. 

I am furnishing pictures of what took place in just a few short days, from the condition the pool was in on July 9, 2015, what it looked like a couple days later on July 13th and what it looks like today! My sick pool is not ill any longer and is inviting my grand kids and everybody else to come swim in it!

I'm only one person, but I can attest to the fact that Robert saw me through this difficult situation with this algae, which I'd never experienced before, and got me back to a clear blue pool in less than a week for just the cost of a few gallons of pool chlorine. I can't thank him enough.


Ron Bohlman

Fond du Lac, WI 

From Jeff in Florida

I saw Robert working on another pool and asked him if he could look at my pool. I thought my pool was completely gone, probably had to get a new liner. I had already spent nearly $400 (BIG OUCH) at the pool store without any results. Robert came over and tested the water.

Within 3 minutes he told me the problem and how to fix it. Both he and I worked for the next 3 days on the pool. By day 4 it was totally cleared up. I couldn't believe my eyes!! What a difference!!

I'm not one to believe in miracles but this had to be one. And it only cost $20 in chemicals!! You gotta be kidding me? Believe me he's worth a $50 contribution!!

From John in Florida

Robert--- I would love to give you hugs for your great advice and guidance thru my troubled pool. My costs were minimum-acid, chlorine (liquid)). It took 1 week and my pool is COMPLETELY clear and clean.

Here is my final picture. Again thank you. All the pool companies in my area were giving me completely wrong advice--shocking the pool and making it completely green. If not for you I would have paid $1,000 or more. Thank you very very much.

From Tony in Dallas - Thank You!!

I have a Jandy cartridge filter and my pump was making weird shaking noise, pressure was down to 10, instead of normal 20.  Turning all returns except one got pressure back up and pump sounded normal.  

I searched for low pressure and found this page, which led me to check the pump basket and impeller.  Basket was very dirty, in fact, there was a live crawfish in it :/  I felt in there and impeller was moving fine.  After cleaning the dirty basket and starting up again it works perfect!  

Didn't look very dirty, but I guess it was just dirty enough in the right spot. Thank you so much for saving me time and money!

Angie in Florida

Just wanted to say thanks for your website. It's been such a life-saver for me, being a first-time pool owner. The guys at the pool store were telling me something completely different than what I found on this site. I first listened to them but my pool got really screwed up. Then I took your swimming pool care advice and now my pool is perfect. You've saved me a fortune in chemicals. And I hope everyone who has benefited by your knowledge will donate like I did. You saved me nearly $500 in chemicals so donating $100 didn't hurt at all. Small investment for a huge return. Thanks so much.

From Brad in Sydney, Australia

I did use the chlorine you stated. I will remember to use liquid next time...Keep up the great work, you have a great web-site and information, thank you for your help :)

From Kelly In Chicago

I came to you with my milky, cloudy, phosphate invested pool. It's been a few weeks and I am happy to report my pool is back to normal. You are a genius!

From Justin in Mesa, AZ.

I've been going round-and-round with my pool for months and stumbled across your site. Wanted to say thanks so much for saving me a $300 service call. I took care of the problem myself and the now filter works perfectly. Please accept my donation of $85. It was well worth it.

Awesome Ideas

Thanks...This website makes our pool way more enjoyable! Me and my friend would always fight on what to do but now we have way more choices to make swimming fun!

From Florin Ciobanu

Thanks. Very nice and informative ideas you have shared in your blog. Thanks for sharing such a nice and informative blog.