"How To Clear Up A Green Pool" eBook

Are you sick and tired of fighting your green pool and not having the pool you deserve?

How To Clear Up A Green Pool eBook cuts through the confusion with this easy to understand guide to pool water maintenance.  Available for computer and mobile devices for $12.  Click on the "Instant Download" button or HERE and get started today and SAVE hundreds of dollars over the Summer!!  

Hey guys, it's Robert from Clean Pool & Spa?  Yep, the one with over 300 videos on YouTube and millions upon millions of views.  You may have seen my videos on my website and on YouTube.  You've seen me clear up some really nasty pools. You can have the a crystal clear pool just like all of my customers. When I'm finished with a pool it's always perfect. And that information can be found in this eBook.

Based on the thousands of pool owners I've talked to over the last 20+ years, just like you, and the thousands of eBooks that have already been purchased, this eBook is a perfect fit.  What's the worst that can possibly happen?  Will you lose all your money?  Nope, it's PayPal secure.  But on the upside.  If this is just half as good as I say it is, I'll tell you.  Cool off in the Summer.  Enjoying your pool with friends and family.  A pool is a great stress reliever.  Being outside in the beautiful sun.  Use it to teach your kids how to swim.  Great entertainment (who doesn't love a pool party).  And it can add value to your home.

The cash outlay is so minimal.  But the value is extraordinary.  I only ask that you give this method of clearing your pool one shot and to make a positive impact on your happiness.  

And believe me, the only thing you'll regret is not getting it earlier.

Fair enough?  

Exact Step-By-Step Guide That's Revised & Updated!! 

FREE Bonus eBook included in your download: "42 Money Saving Tips For Your Swimming Pool"

Works Well On Both Desktop & Mobile Devices

Enjoy the benefits of: 

  • A crystal clear pool
  • Step-by step guidance that covers many situations
  • Less maintenance
  • Less chemical usage 
  • Family fun and socializing
  • Convenience
  • Enjoying the Summer months
  • Stress relief
  • Learning from a real Aquatic Systems Maintenance Professional with proven results & experience

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3 days & $10 in chemicals for this pool!!

Horrible green pool cleared up in 5 days!!