Low Water Pressure From The Return

by Angie B.
(Lancaster, Ky)

I changed the sand in my filter for the first time, after having the pool and filter installed 8 years ago.

The local pool store demonstrated how to properly remove old sand and laterals. Everything was fine but a few hours later I noticed the water in the pool was barely circulating.

I back washed and rinsed and the pressure went back to full strength/normal. Then a few more hours it happened again after doing the process again it is ok. Have never have pressure return problems.

Please help.

Thanks for the question Angie

When you put new sand in there's going to be settling and a loss of sand through the returns. You may need to top it off after this happens, but it's very easy when you know the freeboard. This is the measurement in inches from the top of the sand to the top of the filter. The sand filter manufacturer should know this and/or you can check your owner's manual.

For low pressure issues you can check these tips out:

Check the pump lid O-ring and replace it if it's cracked or broken. Lube it with a silicone based lube. Also check the pump basket for holes or cracks. The pump impeller might be clogged up.

Low pressure normally indicates a block or suction leak:

- Skimmer basket should be empty and clean

- Clean the pump strainer basket

- Leak at the suction side of the pump

- Low water level. Keep it between 1/3 - 1/2 up from the bottom of the skimmer.

- Stuck skimmer weir (the little door in the throat of the skimmer) is stuck in the up position and must be freed

- Pump lid O-ring (as above)

- Pump impeller is clogged. Turn off the breaker, then the pump motor, remove the pump lid and the basket. Stick your fingers in the impeller and remove any debris.

Have a great Summer.


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