No Water Flow Through Glass Sight Gauge On My Filter System

by Randy
(Hot Springs, AR.)

Under normal operation there is no water flow thru the glass sight gauge on my filter system. When I backwash I get the flow. When I place it back to filter I get some water flow for a few seconds then no water flow.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for your question Randy

Without knowing the type of pool filter you have I need to be very generic in my answer, but it should apply to both DE and sand pool filters.

First, is your pressure gauge working? Does it go down to 0psi when the pump is turned off. If it doesn't or if it's stuck on 18psi or so, then you'll need to replace that.

Your pool problem might be a loss of suction from the return line going into the filter and pool pump, a bad motor or (clogged)impeller, something blocking the return line, bad O-ring around the pool pump lid, etc... Does the pump fill with water when you turn it on? Does it prime itself or do you do it?

An easy way to see if there's a suction problem is turn the skimmer valve off. If the pressure drops or there's loss of water in the pool pump, then the issue is loss of suction at the main drain. Open the skimmer and close the the main drain valve and see if there's loss of pressure that way. The valve that's open with loss of pressure is the one you need to check, find the leak, and fix.

Is the sand clean, free from debris, no channeling, any broken laterals? It is at the right height, which is called the "free-board". This is the area from the top of the filter to the top of the sand. Your owners manual should have that info. or you can get it online from the manufacturer.

DE filters need clean DE and grids free from tears and rips.

Your Multi-Port valve might be bad, have a leak, or bad O-ring.

If you email back with a little more info. such as type of pool filter, if the pump has water, etc... I can help a bit more.

Good luck


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